September 21st, 2020 – 4Q 2020
(subject to change)

Leonhardt’s Launchpads

Things to Get Done
Priority Lists by Product Group & Startups/Innovation

Heart & Cardiovascular

1. Top Priority – Get Second Heart Assist cardio-renal syndrome clinical study completed in Georgia.
2. Get PressureStim 2 site clinical study completed.
3. Finish acquiring rights to other PressureStim related completed studies.
4. Complete BioLeonhardt large animal studies in Brazil and/or California Medical Innovation Institute.
5. Finalize agreement between VibroCell and Second Heart Assist for IP.
6. Finalize spin out of PulseGraft from Second Heart Assist.
7. Get quote on building PulseGraft prototypes from Design Engineering Services Dr. Robert Kellar.
8. Get Valvublator prototypes built (Oscar Medical will quote next week).
9. Complete PulseGraft animation.
10. Complete Vascustim limb wound study in Mexico.
11. File new PulseGraft patent.
12. Test PressureStim wrist and ankle electrodes.
13. Finalize Second Heart Assist mailing for shareholder voting on PulseGraft spin out.


1. Complete CerebraCell stroke recovery clinical study in Brazil.
2. Find research partner for MemoryStim with experience in space.
3. Find research partner for Second Brain with experience in space.
4. Test wrist electrodes for TremorStim.
5. Launch TBI recovery clinical pilot study – non-invasive bioelectric stimulation both head and thigh (klotho peripheral).
6. Update CerebraCell web site and slide deck.
7. Complete Second Brain slide deck.
8. Complete MemoryStim slide deck.

Cosmetic, Reproductive Health & Personal Care

1. Submit FDA 510K application for OrthodontiCell.
2. Complete ImplantStim pilot study (1 case done).
3. Get OrthodontiCell clinical study data published.
4. Complete HairCell 2nd clinical study in Europe.
5. Complete SkinStim 2nd clinical study in Europe.
6. Get MyoStim ED 105 patient clinical study published.
7. File FDA 510K application for MyoStim ED.
8. Complete Stem Cell Bra 2nd clinical study (first efficacy)
9. File new patents for AirwayStim and Archway Expander Stim for treating sleep apnea via DentaCell Accelerator.
10. Enroll more patients in TestiStim pilot clinical study (1 case done).
11. Develop PPM for OrthodontiCell.
12. Prepare to complete OrthodontiCell over aligners and stabilization studies (mold for mouthpieces ordered waiting).
13. Complete agreement for elastin with Nulastin for HairCell and SkinStim.
14. Send out Nulastin colalboration press release.

Major Organ Regeneraton

1. Complete EyeCell 3rd and 4th clinical studies with Dr. Chaikin and Dr. Kondrot.
2. Complete 2nd and 3rd BladderCell studies with our own product and signals. 2nd includes pelvic muscle stimulation. 3rd includes biologics injections.
3. Complete enrollment in KidneyCell clinical study in Brazil. Includes Klotho before and after circulating levels information @ 4 weeks and 8 weeks.
4. Complete OrthoStim clinical study in Mexico.
5. Acquire rights to other OrthoStim related clinical studies already completed (230+ patients).
6. Complete EarCell pilot clinical study in Brazil.
7. Complete agreement between Vision Body Germany and Bioleonhardt Whole Body and BodStim.
8. Complete collaboration agreement between RegenaLung and Lung Biotechnology spin out of United Therapeutics with them funding the research.
9. Completed InStim inflammation management pilot clinical study (1 case done).
10. Complete BladderCell Plus Biologics pre-clinical studies including bioelectric expression studies in lab and small and large animal studies for bladder regeneration.
11. Find research partner for LiverCell.
12. Develop research partnership between RegenaLung and Lung Biotechnology spin out of United Therapeutics with them funding all the combined research for lung regneration.


1. Complete 2nd bioelectric cancer animal study in Brazil.


1. Update PPM.
2. Audit cap tables.
3. Complete financials review with Paul Meyer Early Growth Financial CFO Services. Mini-audit back to founding 2013.
4. Raise $12.3 million more capital per PPM $15 million raise.
5. Using Sharevault and DocuSign get all 2020 advisors to sign our 2020 advisory agreement.
6. Prepare due diligence rooms in Sharevault for top 7 startups nearest to exit.
7. Complete sale or strategic partnership for top 7 startups ready for sale = Second Heart Assist, OrthodontiCell, MyoStim ED, HairCell, EyeCell, SkinStim + BladderCell > PressureStim coming soon.
8. Finish sourcing components for patent pending organ regeneration composition which includes hypoxia treated stem cells, immature myoblasts, selected growth factors, klotho, follistatin, elastin, exosomes, regenerative fluid secretome, amniotic fluid, nutrient hydrogel, matrix, oxygenated nanoparticles, selected alkaloids. First targets are heart and bladder regeneration.
9. Update Asana project management program with timelines, budgets, assignments personnel, deadlines.
10. Finalize updated agreements with Henk Abbink, Kurt Kruger, Peter McBride.
11. Open up Leonhardt’s Launchpads Europe representative office in The Netherlands.

12. Compile all board and shareholder meeting minutes into folders in ShareVault going back to 2008 for Leonhardt Ventures, Leonhardt’s Launchpads, Second Heart Assist, Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.
13. Complete license for MSC gene expression Klotho patents.
14. Raise $2 million more capital for Second Heart Assist.
15. Recruit Executive Assistant/Office Manager for Los Angeles headquarters.
16. Finish sourcing and testing components for patented organ regeneration mixed composition (especially focused on heart) ie; hypoxia treated MSCs, immature myoblasts, bioelectric PRF, stromal fraction from adipose tissue, klotho expression MSCs, nutrient hydrogel, selected exosomes, selected growth factors such as Klotho and Follistatin, SDF1, secretome from amniotic sourcing, Wharton’s jelly, selected alkaloids such as tetraharmine, oxygenated nanoparticles and matrix or matrix fragments.
17. Finish sourcing and testing best re-fillable micro infusion pumps – iPrecio, Prometra, Medtronic, Fluid Synchrony, Cirtec.
18. Test new proprietary palm sized portable stimulators from Mettler Electronics built on OEM basis exclusively for us upon recent (6 weeks?). These devices can handle 6+ signals in auto-sequence with one button simple operation.