Leonhardt’s Launchpads by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.
Reach Target Goals for Year Set January 1, 2020
(subject to change)

Major Business Goals

1. Get 5 startups sold into strategic partnerships/acquisitions.
2. Move 5 more startups into position to secure strategic partnerships in 2021.
3. Raise $13 million more in capital to fund research and product development.

Clinical and Pre-Clinical Goals

  • Complete BioLeonhardt heart regeneration animal study and prepare to launch pilot clinical study.
  • Complete Second Heart Assist cardio renal syndrome pilot clinical study and secure strategic buyer/partner.
  • Complete Second Heart Assist wireless power animal study with miniaturized coil.
  • Complete PressureStim clinical study and secure strategic partner.
  • Complete 2nd animal study CancerCell and raise capital for additional studies.
  • Complete BladderCell study and secure strategic partnership.
  • Complete OrthodontiCell fixation and aligner studies. File new 510K application with FDA. Sell company.
  • Sell MyoStim ED based on data on over 100 patients enrolled in studies. To continue to enroll more patients in studies.
  • Complete CerebraCell stroke recovery studies. Secure funding for more studies.
  • Complete EyeCell clinical studies. Sell EyeCell.
  • Complete HairCell clinical studies. Sell HairCell.
  • Complete SkinStim clinical studies. Sell SkinStim.
  • Complete Valvublator animal studies. Secure funding for clinical pilot study.
  • Complete KidneyCell clinical study. Secure funding for invasive study.
  • Complete Stem Cell Bra efficacy pilot study. Secure strategic partnership. Prepare for CES 2021.
  • Complete OrthoStim pilot clinical study. Secure funding for additional studies.
  • Complete DentaCell Accelerator innovations clinical studies. Secure funding for additional studies.
  • Complete PancreaCell clinical pilot study. Secure funding for additional studies.
  • Complete LiverCell clinical pilot study. Secure funding for additional studies.
  • Complete EarCell clinical pilot study. Secure strategic partner.
  • Complete TestiStim pilot clinical study. Secure strategic partner.
  • Complete VibroCell animal study. Secure funding for additional studies.
  • Complete Vascustim 3rd clinical study. Secure strategic partner.
  • Complete AortaCell animal study. Secure funding for additional studies.
  • Complete InStim additional clinical patients. Complete pilot clinical study.
  • Complete DentaCell > BoneGraft pilot clinical study.
  • Find research partner for RegenaLung. Complete animal study. File new patent claims.
  • BioPace – Secure research grant. Complete animal study.
  • Complete ImplantStim pilot linical study.
  • Complete TremorStim pilot clinical study.
  • Complete MemoryStim pilot clinical study.
  • Complete Second Brain pre-clinical and pilot clinical studies.

R&D Labs Goals

1. Discover bioelectric signaling sequence(s) for a key identified regenerative protein expressions at rate of 2 per month or 24 for year.
2. Source and test mixed organ regeneration composition components for studies – stem cells, stromal fraction, PRF, amnio fluid, selected growth factors, exosomes, micro RNA gel, selected alkaloids suchy as tetraharmine, oxygenated nanoparticles, nutrient hydrogel, organ specific matrix fragments.
3. Develop and test organ interface devices for organ specific studies ie; eye mask, face mask, head cap, pacing infusion catheter, aorta interface, external pulse electro magnetic field belts, wireless power belts.

Target Goals by Individual Startups and Organ Specific Innovations – Licensable Technology Platforms (LTPs)

Heart & Cardiovascular

1.  Second Heart Assist www.secondheartinc.com – Prepare for cardio renal syndrome pilot study.  File additional patent claims. Complete FDA filings packaging, transport, shelf life, missing needed biocompatibility test results, electrical safety, risk analysis, benefit clinical risk review summary. Complete Texas Heart Insitute large animal studies.  File for Breakthrough Designation. Complete cardio-renal syndrome clinical study. Complete wireless power pulsatile flow model and animal studies. Develop new animation video. Sell company. 
2.  BioLeonhardt www.bioleonhardt.com – Complete large animal study at Texas Heart Institute.  Finalize publication of small animal study at U of Utah with Dr. Selzman team.  Prepare for clinical trials in 2021. 
3.  PressureStim www.pressurestim.com – Complete clinical study OUS Brazil.  Finalize agreement with UC Irvine 150-+ U.S. patient data + patents.  Build slide deck.  Update web site.  Write executive summary. 
4.  Valvublator www.valvublator.com – Build and test Valvublator II prototypes.  Update web site.  Complete Elastrin patient license and animal data access.  File new patent claims for Valvublator II.  Complete large animal study University of Minnesota. 
5.  Vascustim www.vascustim.com – Complete 3rd clinical study in Mexico this time bioelectrics + biologics.   Launch clinical study in Eastern Europe.  See strategic buyer. 
6.  BioPace www.bio-pace.com – Update web site.  Prosecute NIH grant application.  Complete animal study. 
7.  VibroCell https://leonhardtventures.com/vibrocell/ – Update web site.  Complete animal studies.  File additional patent claims, .
8.  AortaCell – https://leonhardtventures.com/aortacell/ – Update web site.  Complete Elastrin patent license and animal data access. Secure funding for animal study. 

Major Organ Regeneration

1.  EyeCell www.eye-cell.com – Complete two new clinical studies with Dr. Chaikin and Dr. Kondrot.  File additional patent claims.  Update web site. Write executive summary.  Update slide deck.  Find strategic buyer. 
2.  PancreaCell https://leonhardtventures.com/pancreacell/ – Update web site.  Launch clinical study OUS. 
3.  OrthoStim https://ortho-stim.com + www.orthostimaccelerator.com – Launch clinical studies in Mexico, Brazil and at Hoag Hospital.  Update web sites.  Finalize Liu patent license.  Seek out collaborators active in field. 
4.  LiverCell  https://livercellstim.com – Find research partner.  Add related scientific articles to web site.  File new patent claims. Complete animal study. 
5.  KidneyCell www.kidney-cell.com – Complete 2nd clinical study in Brazil.  File additional patent claims.  Look for additional research partners. Apply for grants.  Secure funding for studies.  Secure strategic partner. 
6.  EarCell https://ear-cell.com – Complete clinical study in Brazil.  Add scientific related articles to web site. Complete bioelectric and biologics animal study.  Secure strategic partner. 
7.  BladderCell www.bladdercell.com – Complete 2nd clinical study in Brazil.  File additional patent claims.  Search out additional research partners and opinion leader endorsements.  Secure strategic partner. 
8.  InStim https://instimcell.com – Complete pilot clinical study in Brazil.  Plan other inflammation related studies. Find research partners. Raise capital for inflammation product development and studies.  Write executive summary.  Build slide deck.  File patents. 
9.  RegenaLung – https://leonhardtventures.com/regenalung/ Update web site.  Write executive summary.  Build slide deck.  Find research partner already active in area.  Complete animal study. 


1.  CerebraCell www.cerebracell.com – File additional patents.  Complete stroke clinical study Brazil.  Write full business plan in LivePlan – in progress.  Update web site.  Add related study articles to web site.  Complete animal studies with biologics. 
2.  TremorStim www.tremorstim.com – File additional patents.  Build and test prototypes.  Complete pilot clinical study.  Build web site.  Write executive summary.  Build slide deck.  
2.  MemoryStim www.memory-stim.com – File patent claims.  Build web site.  Write executive summary.  Complete slide deck. Initiate clinical study. 
3.  Second Brain www.secondbrainstim.com – File patent claims.  Build web site.  Write executive summary.  Complete slide deck.  Complete pre-clinical studies. 

Cosmetic, Personal Care & Reproductive Health

1.  HairCell www.haircellstim.com – Complete and publish clinical study.  Find strategic buyer.  Update web site. 
2.  SkinStim www.skin-stim.com – Complete and publish clinical study.  Enroll more patients.  Find strategic buyer. 
3.  OrthodontiCell www.orthodonticell.com – Complete and publish clinical study Mexico.  Complete Hoag Irvine study. Secure funding for studies. Find strategic buyer. 
4.  MyoStim ED with ErectiStim www.erectistim.com – Publish new clinical stiudy.  Enroll in registry study more patients.  File more patents.  Find strategic buyer.  Test at home use device. 
5.  Stem Cell Bra www.stemcellbra.com – Complete pilot efficacy clinical study Brazil and South Africa.  Raise capital.  Find a strategic buyer.  Update web site.  Update executive summary. 
6.  DentaCell Accelerator www.dentacellaccelerator.com – Compile the 2000+ patients treated into a publication.  File additional patent claims.  Update web site. Launch bone graft healing studies. . 
7.  TestiStim www.testistim.com – Enroll more patients in pilot clinical study.  File additional patent claims.  Update web site. Write executive summary.  Build slide deck. 
8.  ImplantStim www.implantstim.com – Complete clinical pilot study.  File additional patent claims.  Build web site.  Write executive summary.  Build slide deck.  


1.  CancerCell www.cancercellinc.com  – Complete animal studies and launch pilot clinical study.  File patents for bioelectric OPG expression for fighting back bone cancers. 

Warning: Investment in our innovation and startup accelerator must be viewed as very high risk for loss. We are attempting to develop organ regeneration technologies where others with far more substantial resources have failed. Our developments are all very early stage. Despite some early data our technologies cannot be considered to be proven to be either safe or effective. Our patents issued, optioned or licensed may not be maintained. Our patents pending may not be issued. We may be found to infringe on others patents. We are developing more than 30 innovations which spreads our small staff thin. We are highly dependent on outside supplier and consultants. Any timelines quoted may take substantially longer by many years. Most, if not all, our team members derive income from other sources which may limit their focus on our accelerator and its startups. The company lacks sufficient resources at this time in all forms to complete development of its products. This investment is only suitable to accredited highly experienced investors with substantial knowledge of the healthcare industry and the risk associated with medical device and biotech startups and their product developments that are prepared to lose their entire investment without incurring financial hardship. Information about the status of our many projects is subject to change often. With a small staff we are not able to keep all web site pages up to date at all times. Much of the information on many of our thousands of web site pages requires updating. If you have any questions please email us at howard@leonhardtventures.com

Any financial projections given are illustrative only and none of the projections or assumptions should be taken as promises on the part of the Company nor should they be taken as implying any indication, assurance or guarantee that those assumptions are correct or exhaustive.
These pitches contain forward-looking statements. These statements relate to, amongst other things, the Company’s future prospects, developments and business strategies. Forward-looking statements are identified by their use of terms and phrases such as “believe”, “could”, “envisage”, “estimate”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “will” or the negative of those, variations or comparable expressions, including references to assumptions.

The forward-looking statements in this Pitch are based on current expectations and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by those statements. If one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialises , or if underlying assumptions prove incorrect, the Company’s actual results may vary materially from those expected, estimated or projected. Given these risks and uncertainties, potential investors should not place any reliance on forward looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made only as at the date of the Pitch.

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The individual startups accept highlighted in this listing of elevator pitches accept responsibility for the information contained in each Pitch. The Pitches are meant to only reflect the most positive and optimistic personal opinion of the company founders and nothing more or less. To the best of the knowledge and belief of the Company (who has taken all reasonable care to ensure that such is the case) the information contained in this Pitch is in accordance with the facts and there are by the extreme brief nature of the few line elevator pitches there are indeed facts the omission of which would affect the validity of such information. This information may be obtained elsewhere such as our private placement memorandum, our annual report or the risk and warnings disclaimers proceeding and following the elevator pitches on this page or on the individual startup web sites . These risks include in brief – patents cited may not protect us, patent license agreements may not hold up, patents pending may not be issued, company lacks resources to complete research, early data is not enough to determine definitively if technology works, all agreements are subject to conditions being met and due to lack of financial resources the likelihood and risk of not meeting such conditions is high, many agreements may not be properly ratified or signed, company is underfunded and understaffed and personnel aboard have diverted attention with other jobs and many projects.

The information contained in the Updates section and the Q&A section and any downloaded documents do not form part of the Pitch and have not been reviewed or approved by Leonhardt’s Launchpads Board of Directors or Legal Counsel. Similarly, any information published outside of the Leonhardt’s Launchpads web sites , including on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) or the Company’s news blog, does not form part of the Pitches. Leonhardt’s Launchpads, Leonhardt Ventures and Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc., Second Heart Assist, Inc., assumes no responsibility for information contained in the Q&A or Updates section, downloads or in any form of media outside the Leonhardt’s Launchpads accelerator and such information should not be deemed an offer or invitation to invest or be relied on to invest.

Clinical Study Enrollment Numbers and Total Clinical Data Clarification

The number of clinical study patients enrolled in studies quoted in various communications not only include the number of patients enrolled in studies that we have designed, launched, funded and supported internally with our own devices, programming or compositions but also may likely include data or enrollment numbers acquired from collaborating investigators where they have completed and published the studies before joining forces with us in one form or another. The first MyoStim ED pilot studies for bioelectric treatment of erectile dysfunction by example, that we believe followed some of our early issued (VEGF signal) patent claims, were completed and published independently by Dr. Cristiane Carboni and her colleagues before she joined forces with us to complete a number of new follow-on studies with our supplied devices and programming. In this example the data from the new studies, with our devices and our patented or patent pending bioelectric stimulation programming, were superior to the original independent pilot study results. When we quote the total number of patients enrolled in all MyoStim ED studies we include the numbers enrolled in the earlier independent pilot studies. In some more rare cases data or clinical enrollment numbers quoted or cited from studies may include those done by independent investigators that we believe followed our issued patent claims that have not formally joined forces with us in any capacity. The related scientific articles sections or pages on our web sites include data from similar studies that may support directly or in-directly the research we are doing. These enrollment numbers are not counted in our total clinical study enrollment numbers quoted. In cases where we acquire intellectual property (IP) from an outside inventor, developer or investigator and previous pre-clinical and clinical data has been gathered supporting that IP we always strive to establish as part of the agreement that all ownership rights to that data is considered part of acquisition.