bioBladderCell is a startup within the Leonhardt Ventures Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator and Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah focused on bladder regeneration.

The company utilizes bioelectric stimulation to control release of specific proteins on demand for specific regenerative purposes in sequence:

1. SDF-1 (stem cell homing factor – recruits a persons own stem cells to stimulated tissues).

2. VEGF (for new blood vessel growth).

3  IGF-1 (for DNA repair at the nucleus level). 

4. Follistatin (for muscle and tissue regeneration).

5. RANKL (for demineralization and tissue loosening when needed).

6. Hepatocyte Growth Factor  (tissue regeneration)

7. eNOS (for dilating blood vessels for increasing flow).

8.  Tropoelastin (increases elasticity of any tissues such as skin, arteries, aorta, heart and promotes healing of wounds). 

9. Activin A + B

In extreme cases we combine our regeneration microstimulator with an implantable, programmable, re-fillable stem cell/growth factor micro pump.

In cases of bladder cancer we have special signals to stop tumor cell division and blood supply followed by the above regeneration protocol. 


Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah

489 E, 400 South, Unit 116

Salt Lake City, UT  84111


Contact:  Howard J. Leonhardt 

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