Our proprietary CancerCell cancer treatment has these steps….
1a. Scan body for cancer with bioelectric scanning.
1b.  Read and analyze electrical communication within a cancer tumor.
2.  Custom delivery of precise communication jamming signals to stop cancer tumor from communicating.
3.  Bioelectric signal(s) for stopping cell division.
4.  Bioelectric signal sequence for starving cancer tumor of blood supply.
5.  Read and analyze surface protein expressions of tumor.
6.  Custom delivery of precise protein expression signals to change surface protein expression of tumor so body attacks it as enemy = immuno-response therapy.
7.  Organ regeneration sequence to recover organ back to full health.
Our computer data base knows the bioelectric signal read profile of healthy organs and distinguishes when an organ is hit by cancer as being different than healthy normal.

CancerCell is a startup within the Leonhardt’s Launchpads innovation accelerator operated by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. focused on bioelectric signals to stop tumor growth by halting cell division and starving blood supply to the tumor. 

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