Clinical Study Enrollment 10/1/19

Leonhardt’s Launchpads

Patients Enrolled in Clinical Studies by Startup
as of October 1, 2019

  • Second Heart = 4 pts Paraguay
  • OrthodontiCell = 47 pts Brazil
  • MyoStim ED = 73 pts Brazil + South Africa
  • HairCell = 12 pts South Africa
  • EyeCell = 176 pts USA
  • PressureStim = 65 pts China/UC Irvine + 11 Korea + 13 Brazil
  • BladderCell = 56 pts Brazil
  • Stem Cell Bra = 6 pts South Africa & Brazil
  • SkinStim = 10 pts South Africa
  • TestiStim = 1 pt USA
  • KidneyCell = 21 pts Brazil
  • Valvublator = 1 pt Italy surgical
  • DentaCell = 100 pts + USA
  • InStim = 1 pt Brazil
  • OrthoStim/Tisugen = 10 pts USA Santa Rosa (301 pt study completed in China by a group we are reaching out to collaborate with)
  • Vascustim = 7 pts Mexico + 16 pts Czech Republic + 47 pts Wetling Switzerland, Denmark and Germany

Total = 724

We are working to close partnership agreements with groups that have completed successful bioelectric or biologics based (or both) clinical studies for brain recovery, cancer, liver, lungs, knees (300+) which if all are concluded would increase patient count in clinic studies by > 1000 more.

Clinical Study Enrollment Numbers and Total Clinical Data Clarification

The number of clinical study patients enrolled in studies quoted in various communications not only include the number of patients enrolled in studies that we have designed, launched, funded and supported internally with our own devices, programming or compositions but also may likely include data or enrollment numbers acquired from collaborating investigators where they have completed and published the studies before joining forces with us in one form or another. The first MyoStim ED pilot studies for bioelectric treatment of erectile dysfunction by example, that we believe followed some of our early issued (VEGF signal) patent claims, were completed and published independently by Dr. Cristiane Carboni and her colleagues before she joined forces with us to complete a number of new follow-on studies with our supplied devices and programming. In this example the data from the new studies, with our devices and our patented or patent pending bioelectric stimulation programming, were superior to the original independent pilot study results. When we quote the total number of patients enrolled in all MyoStim ED studies we include the numbers enrolled in the earlier independent pilot studies. In some more rare cases data or clinical enrollment numbers quoted or cited from studies may include those done by independent investigators that we believe followed our issued patent claims that have not formally joined forces with us in any capacity. The related scientific articles sections or pages on our web sites include data from similar studies that may support directly or in-directly the research we are doing. These enrollment numbers are not counted in our total clinical study enrollment numbers quoted. In cases where we acquire intellectual property (IP) from an outside inventor, developer or investigator and previous pre-clinical and clinical data has been gathered supporting that IP we always strive to establish as part of the agreement that all ownership rights to that data is considered part of acquisition.