We are focused on accelerating organ regeneration and recovery innovations based on the convergence of bioelectrics and biologics.


We work within these product groups

1. Heart & Cardiovascular.
2. Brain.
3. Cosmetic & Personal Care.
4. Major Organ Regeneration.
5. Cancer.

We have assembled an all-star team of experienced veterans that have taken multiple products from concept stage to helping save and improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of patients.

Our base technology IP platform is based on:

  • (1). Bioelectric signaling sequence controlled expression of more than 20 organ regeneration proteins including stem cell homing factors.
  • (2). A re-fillabable micro infusion pump.
  • (3). A multicomponent stem cell + support factors composition for organ regeneration.

We strive to recover all damaged or diseased organs with non-invasive bioelectric signaling and only resort to more invasive therapies when non-invasive means has not resulted in full recovery.

Top successes to date

1. TALENT stent graft. Approaching $3 billion in total revenues. Merged with AVE 1998 $70 million. AVE subsequently sold to Medtronic for $4.3 billion in 1999.
2. POLY-CATH polyurethane balloon cardiovascular catheter. Over 50,000 patients treated.
3. Bioheart MyoCell – $76 million valuation IPO on NASDAQ 2008. Clinical 95.7 meters improvement over placebo in Phase II/III (500% better than end point goal of 16 meters improvement match CRT pacers).
4. Leonhardt Vineyards wines – Over 144,000 bottles produced and sold to date. Gold Medal won. Leading family owned Zinfandel Petite Syrah blend sold through 120 Trader Joe’s stores in California. Added Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir in 2011 and 2012.
5. Lucille’s American Cafe’s – Profitable for 13 years in a row. $2 million in annual sales. Exited 1st restaurant in chain with over 200% return. Still own 50% of holding company with all franchise rights, recipes, trademark, SOPs. Developed franchise package and food truck expansion plan.
6. Percutaneous heart valve. Acquired by Medtronic in 1999 via AVE deal. Pioneering patent in field.
7. Crowdfund! The American Dream TV show sold to CNBC in 2012 – contract to serve as co-host primetime and supported by Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – www.calxcrowdfund.com
8. Wine Country Baseball – entering our 5th season of Leonhardt Cup Wine Country Baseball Classis play. Own 12 teams – Napa Knights, Sonoma Grape Crushers, Santa Rosa Gnats, Windsor Wonders, Petaluma Piratas, St. Helena Frost Angels, Oakville Aces, Yountville Robins, Sebastopol Apples, Rohnert Park Dragons, Healdsburg Owls, Cloverdale Bandits.
9. Pro-Cell patented stem cell delivery catheter – sold to Medtronic via AVE deal.
10. Launch of The California Stock Xchange the first conscious capitalism stock exchange.
11. Cal-X Crowdfund Connect www.calxcrowdfund.com leader in crowdfunding space.
12. World Biotech Fund, 100% owned by Leonhardt Ventures, founded in 2000 created highly profitable return.
13. Development of first biological pacemaker – BioPace.
14. Development of first wireless non-invasive energy system for directing stem cell therapies – STEMERGY and AORTACELL.
15. Development of first implantable stem cell pump and electrical stimulator combination BIOLEONHARDT and STEM CELL PUMP.

Short History of Major Developments

1980s – Developed cardiac cath labs, CCUs, patented cardiovascular balloon catheters, stem cell caths, radiation caths, intravascular lung catheters. Gained world market leadership in polyurethane balloon catheters. Developed first catheter based system for decalcifying heart valve leaflets without surgery.

1990’s – Developed stent grafts, percutaneous heart valves, biological pacemaker and electrical stimulation systems. Gained 70% of world market share for thoracic aortic aneurysm repair, 35% AAA, without surgery. Completed worlds first percutaneous stent graft case 1995.

2000’s – Developed world leadership in new muscle forming in heart scar tissue stem cell therapies for treating advanced heart failure. Completed historic first-in-man percutaneous case of repair of a damaged heart with stem cell transplantation in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in May 2001 2000 launched Leonhardt Vineyards and Lucilles’s American Cafe’s. 2009 announced Leonhardt’s Launchpads Life Science Incubator at the University of Northern California Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC).

2010’s – Developed improvements to electrical stimulation technologies for directing stem cell therapies including first wireless non-invasive systems. Developed non-invasive method to repair aortic aneurysms via wireless energy that directs stem cell repair. Developed improved stem cell delivery catheters. Patented percutaneous heart sensor delivery system. Developed first stem cell bra, first stem cell recruiting pacemaker, first implantable stem cell pump, first stimulators for treating critical limb ischemia and diabetic foot ulcers. Move forward biological pacemaker development to prepare for first-in-man case in 2014 or early 2015. Launched the first conscious capitalism stock exchange plan The California Stock Exchange. Launched Cal-X Crowdfund Connect for crowdfunding resources. Launched Kindheart Lionheart Publishing and Media Co. for inspirational books, abstracts, movies, TV, radio and music. Launched innovation and business incubators and accelerators Cal-Xelerator and Cal-X Stars. Announced plans to develop physical life science incubator in Santa Monica.

Timeline of Historical Milestones

1982 – H.J. Leonhardt & Co. and Exxim International launched as export trading companies.
1982-1983 – Led introduction of turn key cardiac cath labs and critical care units – American General Medical Corp.
1983-1988 – Developed by-pass blood oxygenators, heart valves and cardiovascular balloon catheters – DMG Labcor World Med.
1984 – Joined International Marketing Advisors to help small U.S. manufacturers to reach export markets.
1986 – World Medical Corporation launched 100% owned by Leonhardt.
1988 – Launched 100% owned cGMP manufacturing facility for implantable medical devices – World Medical Manufacturing Corp.
1988 – Developed and later patented first stem cell delivery catheter – PRO-CELL.
1988 – EndoCell product described for first time utilizing PRO-CELL to deliver endothelial progenitor cells to repair arteries.
1988 – First prototype of Valvulblator device for decalcifying heart valve leaflets without surgery developed.
1988 – Dr. Race Kao team member completes and publishes first stem cell transplant to repair heart tissue – MYOCELL.
1989 – Dr. Stu Williams team member invents device to harvest stem cells and endothelial cells from fat tissue.
1990 – Gained FDA market authorization for patented cardiovascular balloon catheters – POLY-CATH.
1990 – Developed and later patented first percutaneous heart valve – VALVE STENT.
1990 – First heart pump in a stent designed.
1990 – Team member Wendell King completes first biological pacemaker implant in animals – later patented – BIOPACE.
1991 – Manufactured speciality balloon catheters for NASA Space Shuttle.
1991 – Developed and patented drug and radiation delivery catheters.
1991 – Supplied drug and radiation delivery catheters to Cordis Corporation and Novoste.
1991 – Developed first intravascular lung catheter working with Penn State – PENSIL – patented in 1994.
1991 – Developed TALENT Endoluminal Stent Graft for aortic aneurysm repair – 5 patents.
1992 – Developed first electrical stimulation devices for improving blood flow in limbs – MYOSTIM PACERS.
1993 – Leonhardt writes first draft of Dolphin Smiles:  The Legend of Kindheart Lionheart a novel about a dolphin that remembers
previous life as a human – a spiritual lessons tale.
1993 – Leonhardt joins Biomedical Engineering Board of Florida International University.
1994 – Associated team members in Japan develop and patent first therapeutic uses of SDF-1.
1994 – Leonhardt develops first vibrational energy devices for preventing arterial plaque formation – COROSTIM.
1994 – Stu Williams and Howard Leonhardt develop cell sodding of stent grafts lab studies.
1995 – Leonhardt led team completes world’s first percutaneous non-surgical repair of an aortic aneurysm in
Melbourne, Australia with Dr. Ken Thomson and Dr. Peter Field with TALENT device.
1996 – Team members invent first deflecting tip catheter for stem cell delivery to heart tissue.
1997 – Leonhardt and Taheri patent improvements to biological pacemaker technologies.
1998 – Team member Dr. Doris Taylor publishes in NATURE MEDICINE landmark paper stem cell repair of
heart muscle.
1998 – Leonhardt merges World Medical Manufacturing Corporation with Arterial Vascular Engineering.
1998 – Leonhardt joins board of University of Northern California Biomedical Engineering
1999 – Team member C. Nienaber published in New England Journal of Medicine Thoracic Type B Dissection Repair of Aortic
Aneurysms with TALENT (Taheri-Leonhardt) stent graft.
1999 – Merged company sold to Medtronic, Inc.
1999 – Leonhardt founds Bioheart, Inc. the first therapeutic adult stem cell company in the world focused on heart failure.
1999 – Team develops 2nd generation devices for utilizing electrical stimulation devices to stimulate angiogenesis.
1999 – Leonhardt joins foundation board of Florida International University.
1999 – Launched Stanford Stem Cells, Inc. in Palo Alto for embryonic stem cell research.
1999 – Launched Bioheart Healthplans.
1999 – Launched Bioheart Genotyping, Inc.
1999 – Launched Bioheart MicroImplants, Inc. in collaboration with CR Bard and Dr. H. Hussein.  Develops biodegradable ceramic
mixed composition implant carried via a myocardial stent.
1999 – Leonhardt founds the World Biotech Fund.
2000 – Launched 16 person Bioheart MyoCath pilot production and development plant in Santa Rosa, California.
2000 – Leonhardt Vineyards winery is launched in Sonoma County, California @ 8500 Dry Creek Road with 15 initial acres.
2000 – Leonhardt purchases 79% ownership of Lucille’s American Cafe’s and 50% of flagship franchise Weston, Florida.
2000 – Leonhardt develops nutrient doped hydrogel for enhancing effectiveness of stem cell therapies.
2000 – Leonhardt joins board of University of Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
2000 – Introduced first  ever cardiovascular genetic test on the U.S. market – the PLA2 test for blood clot risk.
2000 – Leonhardt LLC property acquisition and development firm founded.   Properties eventually acquired in MN (3), CO, CA, FL (2).
2001 – Leonhardt becomes active in supporting fund raising activities of the Dan Marino Foundation for Autism.
2001 – Began sponsorships of business plan competitions and venture academies at the University of Florida and Florida International University.  Began entrepreneurship speaking series at Princeton, UCLA, Florida, FIU, U of Minnesota, Anoka Ramsey, Anoka Tech.
2001 – Leonhardt and Dr. Stephen Ellis of Cleveland Clinic develop first genetically modified stem cells for heart failure treatment eNos
2001 – Leonhardt led team complete historic first in man implantation of muscle stem cells to treat heart failure without open surgery.
2001 – Bioheart Italy is launched.
2002 – Bioheart Korea (later renamed BHK and AncBio) and Bioheart Netherlands are launched.
2002 – Bioheart Korea opens 40,000 sq. feet cGMP biologics facility.  Develops TPLS Life Support system and SVAD.
2002 – Bioheart Netherlands opens cGMP cell culturing facility in Maastricht which is used for Bioheart’s Phase II SEISMIC Trial.
2002 – Leonhardt and Chachques patent first electrical stimulation signal able to convert stem cells to heart muscle & other tissues.
2002 – Leonhardt and Chachques patent first electrical stimulation signal able to cause stem cells to home to any stimulated site.
2002 – Leonhardt and Chachques patent first electrical signal able to double proliferation growth of cells in culture w/o growth factors.
2003 – Team member Dr. Marc Penn publishes landmark paper on SDF-1 in Lancet.
2003 – Leonhardt led team publishes in Journal of American College of College 1st paper on non-surgical stem cell repair of hearts.
2004 – Leonhardt wins South Florida Entrepreneur of the Year Award
2004 – Helped launch Cell Therapy Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases Annual Meeting at Columbia with Dr. Sherman.
2005 – Leonhardt wins Florida Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
2005 – Leonhardt and Gadsen found the Miami Morays Indoor Arena Football team and play season in Miami Arena.
2005 – Leonhardt led team with C. Nienaber publish muscle stem cell repair of heart results in Journal of Endovascular Therapy
2005 – Leonhardt Vineyards releases it’s first vintage of Zinfandel wine produced from grapes 100% from it’s own estate.
2006 – Leonhardt and Gadsen found Florida Frenzy Indoor Arena Football team and play season in Hard Rock Casino
Arena in Davie, Florida.
2006 – Leohardt invests in the social good impact film Shanghai Hotel produced by Ralph Stringer with Dan Marino.
2006 – Leonhardt led team Smits, Serruys et. al. publishes first Phase II controlled study results with muscle stem cells – only 16% of
Bioheart MyoCell patients worsen in heart failure compared to 69% of control patients worsening on optimal CHF drugs.
2006 – Leonhardt launches The Entrepreneurship Party Public Policy Institute begins lobbying for reduction of cost and complexity of
raising capital.  Describes for first time The California Stock Exchange plan and what later became know as crowdfunding as a
proposed solution.
2006 – Leonhardt forms Kindheart Lionheart Adventures – charitable giving vacations and Foundation event auction packages co. in
Gator Nest at University of Florida.
2006 – Bioheart acquires rights to Tissue Genesis auto system for harvesting cells from adipose tissue (Stu Williams Patented) for
heart therapies.
2006 – Bioheart acquires SDF-1 rights for use with myoblasts to treat heart failure from Cleveland Clinic.
2007 – Helped launch Entrepreneurship Program at Anoka Technical College in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
2007 – Joined foundational advisory board of the Cell Therapy Foundation.
2008 – Leonhardt Vineyards acquires rights to old vine Zinfandel Watson Vineyards for wine production expansion.
2008 – Project to develop an percutaneous implantable heart sensor launched.  Delivery catheter is patented.  LVSENS.
2008 – AortaCell launched to develop stem cell based therapies for aortic aneurysm repair.
2008 – Leonhardt assigned job to help Bioheart find license homes for all non-core patents and technologies.
2008 – Leonhardt makes a minority 19% investment in Miami Beach Water Adventures.
2008 –  Leonhardt founded Bioheart, Inc. (stem cell repair hearts) completes $76 million valuation IPO on NASDAQ.
2008 – Leonhardt launches Kindheart Lionheart Publishing & Media Co. for inspirational books, movies, TV and music.
2009 – Bioheart launches line of @ home heart failure monitors working with Restoration Medical and Alere Medical.
2009 – Leonhardt’s Launchpads Life Science Incubator launched @ U of Northern California Science and Technology Innovation.
2009 – Leonhardt Vineyards enters first wine medal competition and wins GOLD MEDAL for our 2007 Estate Zinfandel.
2009 – Wine Country Baseball summer showcase for players seeking to be signed is launched.   Leonhardt owns 12 teams.
2010 – Kindheart Leonhardt Media Co. signs promotional contract with singer songwriter Ana Free from Portugal.
2010 – Leonhardt Vineyards becomes official wine sponsor for the San Francisco Giants and they win World Series for first time ever in
San Francisco.  First time since 1954 when they were in New York.  Leonhardt Vineyards had 2 behind the home plate banner
2010 – Leonhardt forms Nicole-Leonhardt Fashion Camp for kids to learn sewing, fashion design and social entrepreneurship.  Later
we ended operations and invested in Cheryl Fudge Fashion a similar company that was further ahead in development with
same concept.
2010 – Artists Cafe NYC formed with intent to showcase artists in cafes at night in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Los Angeles.  Later
combined promotion forces with Koffeehouse Music and Kindheart Lionheart Media Co.
2011 – Hayley Bear Fine Wine Brokers launched.
2011 – Radio Veronica USA and Radio Santa Monica USA formed.  Designed to be first online radio stations allowing listeners to
crowdfund publishing rights to songs.
2011 – Cal-X Crowdfund Connect is formed to provide crowdfunding resources.
2011 – Cal-X Micoloans is launched.
2011 – The California Stock Xchange is fully launched online with resources for entrepreneurs and investors via 100 partners.
2011 – Leonhardt helps launch Startup California.
2012 – MyoStim Pacers and BioPace spun out of Bioheart, Inc. to California led by Leonhardt.
2012 – Leonhardt launches crowdfunding alliances with EquityNet, Crowdfunder.com and WhenYouWish.
2012 – The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Show is launched – stories or compassion and courage in the marketplace.
2012 – Collaborations are developed with Cardiobridge and Procyrion for circulatory assist caths and pumps.
2012 – Stem Cell Bra is developed and first patent application is prepared.
2012 – Cal-X Funders Club is launched in association with Leonhardt Ventures angels network.
2012 – Leonhardt is asked to serve as spokesperson for the JOBS ACT and crowdfunding for Startup California.
2012 – Crowdfund: The American Dream TV Show is sold to CNBC. Leonhardt signs contract to serve as co-host mentor.
2013 – Plans for V-Leonhardt super high end bus service announced.
2013 – HeartScore.co launched to sell @ home heart health products, genetic tests, monitors, point of care devices.
2013 – STEMERGY wireless energy systems for directing stem cell therapies is developed – AortaCell II is 1st product.
2013  – The Lions DEN online and Crowdfund! The American Dream cable TV shows are developed.  Latter sold to CNBC.
2013 – California Love online TV show is developed for the Kindheart Lionheart Online TV Network.
2013 – Kindheart Lionheart Media Co. produces first inspirational short film MELODY.
2013 – Leonhardt launches Food Trikes & Scooters a solar powered electric mini food truck co. with entrepreneurial support and
microloan system to help first time entrepreneurs to go into business.
2013 – Leonhardt launches Cal-Xelerator startup launch and Cal-X Stars 5 year accelerators focused on cardio and social good.
2013 – Leonhardt announces working partnership with Core Manufacturing LLC for cGMP manufacturing of med devices.
2013 – STEM CELL PUMP launched.
2014 – BioLeonhardt unveils worlds first implantable, programmable, refillable stem cell pump electrical stimulator combination for
treating heart failure with a multi-stage therapy.
2014 – Leonhardt announces plans for physical life science incubator in Santa Monica in partnership with multiple industry leaders.

Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc.
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Patents by Inventor Howard J. Leonhardt – Justia Patents Database
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Abstract: A catheter-based deployment system for deploying cellular material (22) into the heart muscle (25). The deployment system includes a guiding catheter …
Howard Leonhardt (Leonhardt Ventures) – Newsle

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What we look for when investing in outside founded innovations and startups…

At Leonhardt Ventures we recognize and accept risk; nevertheless, we look for several factors to help anticipate and mitigate these challenges.

Innovation Culture:  Rapid prototyping.  DO things.  Do, fix, try, repeat.  Fail forward fast.  Try a lot of stuff and keep what works.  Freedom to make some mistakes.   Ready, fire, aim.  Get on with it.  Don’t talk about it or analyze it, do it!
Ability to Communicate Vision:  “A vision is meaningless if it does not have the power to persuade, and it cannot persuade if nobody knows about it – marketing the vision is everything!”  Carmine Gallo, Author
Human Capital Matters: We invest in people.
Technology Matters:  Invent something unique that is truly better.   Better technology DOES matter.  Better technology IS possible.
Sales:  Sell something now to cover overhead while you build your great blockbuster product innovation over time.
Continuous Improvement:  Committed to improving the company, the products, customer service every day.
Customer Centric Focus:  Exceed the customers expectations.  Not just happy but delighted customers.  Repeat customers.
Listening: We have yet to see an entrepreneur succeed without being able to listen — to customers, employees and sometimes even investors.
Transparency: Integrity, openness, and honesty are essential.
Large Market: A large market provides a cushion and mitigates unforeseeable risks.  It takes just as much time, effort and money to address a small market properly as a large market so you might as well go after large markets.
Nail It: Formulate and apply a customer-validated value proposition.  We are big fans of “Lean Startup” and “Nail, then Scale It” methods for applying a process to the black box of the entrepreneurial journey.
Avant-Garde Approach: Find your competitive advantage. Chart unfamiliar waters. Create unique solutions. Be a first-mover.
Momentum: Generally, if companies can’t generate momentum without money, things don’t change after they do. Maximize sweat equity into building traction.

Contact Info and Locations:  Click here

Patents by Inventor Howard J. Leonhardt – Justia Patents Database
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1Q 2014 Newsletter and 2013 Annual Report « Cal-X Stars
Leonhardt Ventures 2013 Annual Report & 1Q 2104 Newsletter. Upcoming Events. Feb. 12th
2013 Annual Report « Cal-X Stars
Launch-X Accelerator. Home · About · Business Accelerator · Executive Summary · Scientific Advisory Board · Team Cal-X … 2013 Annual Report. pdfdownload …
Executive Summary « Cal-X Stars
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“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Steve Jobs


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