Leonhardt Ventures LLC

Patent Licenses
Licenses are for all patents issued and filed during period that these startups/innovation platforms were in our accelerator program, unless otherwise confirmed in writing. Licenses last for entire life of patents for the specific markets where the patents are filed and are enforceable. Startups/Innovation platforms graduate from the accelerator program after completion of successful first in human studies addressing a major target market of the technology in approximately 10 to 30 patients. 
Exclusive Patent Licenses
as of September 26th, 2022
Heart & Cardiovascular 
1.  BioLeonhardt www.bioleonhardt.com > heart regeneration and recovery with bioelectrics and/or biologics including heart inflammation management.
2.  AortaCell https://leonhardtventures.com/aortacell/ > aorta regeneration and aortic aneurysm stent graft support
3.  BioPace https://bio-pace.com > biological pacemakers and other pacing abnormalities.
4.  Valvublator https://valvublator.com > heart valve regeneration and calcification prevention.
5.  ViboCell https://leonhardtventures.com/vibrocell/  > prevention of thrombosis on blood contact surfaces with harmonic vibrational energy.
6.  PressureStim https://pressurestim.com > blood pressure management.
7.  Vascutim https://vascustim.com > wound healing, diabetic ulcers, neuropathy, limb salvage.
8.  Second Heart Assist https://secondheartinc.com > impeller based circulatory assist pumps for the aorta with possible addition combination with aortic pulsating graft.
1.  CerebraCell and Brain-N-Hance https://cerebracell.com > brain regeneration particularly for stroke and TBI injury recovery but also for other brain related disorders such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons.  Also brain cognitive function enhancement.
2.  MemoryStim https://memory-stim.com > memory improvement.
3.  Second Brain https://secondbrainstim.com > gut microbiota treatment particularly for immune system improvement and brain mood improvement and all other gut-body health connections.
4.  TremorStim https://tremorstim.com > essential tremors treatment.
5.  DepressiStim https://depressistim.com > depression treatment not gut microbiota related.
6.  AddictiStim https://addictistim.com > addiction treatment.
7.  SpineStim https://spine-stim.com > spinal cord injury recovery.
Cosmetic and Personal Care 
1.  Stem Cell Bra www.stemcellbra.com > breast augmentation.
2.  DentaCell Accelerator www.dentalaccelerator.com > all dental, endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist related applications which may be sublicensed onto portfolio startups.  See full portfolio here > https://dentacellaccelerator.com/portfolio/. Ownership of spin out startups is defined by our accelerator business model terms https://leonhardtventures.com/accelerator-business-model/ codified in our portal published cap tables unless clearly defined in writing otherwise. DentaCell Accelerator receives a 9% non-dilutable (unless anti-dilution is waived in writing) equity stake in spin outs in exchange for the startup launch support services unless specified otherwise in writing.
a.  StimCore www.stimcoremd.com  > sinus, tongue, oral maxial facial related to orthodontic procedures, pharyngeal treatment.
b.  ImplantStim www.implantstim.com > dental implant accelerated healing.
c.  ArchStim www.archstim.com > accelerated dental arch expansion and stabilization.
d.  BreatheStim www.breathestim.com > breathing improvement products and franchise rights. Sinus, tongue, OMF and pharyngeal technologies to be purchased at wholesale pricing from StimCore. ArchStim, and other technologies to be purchased at wholesale pricing from those suppliers.
3.  OrthodontiCell www.orthodonticell.com > accelerated teeth straightening and stabilization and pain relief associated with thereof.
4.  SkinStim www.skinstim.com > facial and neck skin regeneration for cosmetic wrinkle reduction and other skin disorders such as psoriasis and acne.
5.  ErectiStim by MyoStim ED https://erectistim.com > erectile dysfunction and sexual health enhancement of male organs excluding testicile based testosterone management.
6.  HairCell https://haircellstim.com > hair regeneration.
7.  TestiStim https://testistim.com > testosterone management in men and women.
8.  KlothoBios with KlothoYears www.klothoyears.com > klotho level testing and klotho based information management.
Major Organ Regeneration 
1.  EyeCell www.eye-cell.com > vision recovery including eye regeneration.
2.  PancreaCell https://leonhardtventures.com/pancreacell/ > pancreas regeneration and healing.
3.  OrthoStim https://ortho-stim.com > knee, elbow, shoulder and other joint treatment.
4.  OrthoStim Accelerator www.orthostimaccelerator.com > all orthopedic applications outside of OrthoStim listed above. May be sub-licensed to portfolio startups.
5.  LiverCell https://livercellstim.com > liver regeneration and healing.
6.  KidneyCell https://kidney-cell.com > kidney regeneration and healing from bioelectics or biologics or combination.
7.  EarCell https://ear-cell.com > hearing recovery.
8.  BladderCell https://bladdercell.com and B-Alive for womens applications www.b-alivestim.com > for bladder function recovery with biometrics or biologics.
9.  BioLeonhardt Whole Body https://leonhardtventures.com/bioleonhardt-whole-body/ – whole body regeneration chamber covering all organs and health ailments in a combination device.
10.  InStim https://instimcell.com > inflammation management including inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, (excluding inflammation specific to other organs licensed to other startups such as BioLeonhardt for heart inflammation, CerebraCell for brain inflammation, SinuStim for sinus inflammation).
11.  RegenaLung https://leonhardtventures.com/regenalung/ > lung regeneration and recovery including CovidStim for covid 19 recovery.
1.  CancerCell www.cancercellinc.com > All cancer related applications utilizing bioelectrics, biologics, focused ultrasonic energy, PEMF, lasers, radio frequencies, harmonic vibrational energy.
If startups do not expediently move licensed applications to market then Leonhardt Ventures LLC has clawback provisions to retrieve back rights to that application.
Licenses are strictly narrowly specific to only the applications listed and intended not beyond.  Defined by the original startup/innovation platform declared purpose and focus and may not be expanded without clear specific written permission.
Licenses are governed by terms of our Master IP and Product Development Agreement > https://leonhardtventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/MasterPatentIPLicenseandDevelopmentAgreementVer2.0.pdfand Accelerator Membership Agreement where applicable https://calxstars.com/accelerator-membership-agreement/ and our Accelerator Business Model published terms https://leonhardtventures.com/accelerator-business-model/’;
Inventions are 100% owned by Leonhardt Ventures LLC for ALL applications of use before entering the accelerator program(s). Leonhardt Ventures LLC agrees to give up 9% non-dilutable ownership in its inventions and preemptive right to purchase up to 20% ownership (at prevailing market rates at time of purchase) right up to graduation (graduation occurs upon completion of successful first in human studies addressing a primary target market in 10 to 30 patients) to joined accelerator programs in exchange for receiving startup launch and innovation acceleration support services in multiple forms from the accelerator (s).
If the majority controlling ownership covenant of Leonhardt Ventures LLC is broken, even if voluntarily, then license terms revert to what a 3rd party expert agrees to be fair market value terms.