RegenaLung is a startup within the Leonhardt Ventures Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator and Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah focused on lung regeneration.

The company utilizes bioelectric stimulation to control release of specific proteins on demand for specific regenerative purposes in sequence:

1. SDF-1 (stem cell homing factor – recruits a persons own stem cells to stimulated tissues).

2. VEGF (for new blood vessel growth).

3  IGF-1 (for DNA repair at the nucleus level). 

4. Follistatin (for muscle and tissue regeneration).

5. RANKL (for demineralization and tissue loosening when needed).

6. Hepatocyte Growth Factor  (tissue regeneration)

7. eNOS (for dilating blood vessels for increasing flow).

8.  Tropoelastin (increases elasticity of any tissues such as skin, arteries, aorta, heart and promotes healing of wounds). 

9. Activin A + B (regeneration)US07775968-20100817-D00010

10.  EGF.

In extreme cases we combine our regeneration micro stimulator with our patented implantable, programmable, re-fillable stem cell/growth factor micro pump – 

In cases of lung cancer we have special signals to stop tumor cell division and blood supply followed by the above regeneration protocol –

We also have a subsidiary Regenalung COPD to address COPD. 

Corporate Information:

Founded:  2015Lungs_diagram_detailed

Executive Chairman:  Howard Leonhardt

CEO:  Richard Koffler

Chief Medical Officer:  Dr. Leslie Miller

Vice President Business Development:  Jeff Donofrio

Vice President Electrical Stimulation R&D:  Dr. Jorge Genovese

Vice President COPD Research:  Dr. Syde Taheri


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Investigation of IGF-1 as a key driver of lung regeneration

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The activin A antagonist follistatin inhibits cystic fibrosis-like lung … › Journal home › Archive › Original Articles


by CL Hardy – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 5 – ‎Related articles

Mar 10, 2015 – The activin A antagonist follistatin inhibits cystic fibrosis-like lung ….. A and its binding protein, follistatin, in inflammation and tissue repair.

Stem Cells

Stem cells might heal damaged lungs: Transplanted cells made their …

Science Daily

Jul 14, 2015 – The study’s findings show how it might be possible to use embryonic stem cells to repairdamaged lung tissue. Share: FULL STORY …

Researchers discover new airway stem cell | UCLA…/stemcell-researchers-disc…

University of California, Los Angeles

Jun 28, 2011 – Researchers at UCLA have identified a new stem cell that participates in the repair of the lungs‘ large airways, which play a vital role in ..

Investigators at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital ……/investigators-the-saban-research-insti

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (March 29, 2011) – Investigators at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s … Cellular polarity of lung epithelial cells, meaning that they have an … will help to harness theregenerative potential of lung stem cells, and to …

Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine Research Program

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

… of human adult and child health, where organ regenerationstem cell based therapy or … AtChildren’s Hospital Los Angeles, therapeutic targets for eventual … the bedside include lunghypoplasia or injury caused by prematurity, cleft palate, …

Lung Cells Can Regenerate Themselves, Finding Could Bring New ……/lung-cells-can-regenerate-themselves-finding-could-bring-new…

Apr 13, 2015 – Cells in lung tissue show a surprising ability to regenerate and differentiate to repairlung damage, study finds. … Lung tissue is better at regenerating itself after injury than previously thought, a discovery that could improve the treatment of some lung and breathing disorders ..

Limber Lungs: One Type of Airway Cell Can Regenerate Another ……/epstein/

University of Pennsylvania

Apr 13, 2015 – Findings from animal study have implications for disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. PHILADELPHIA – A new collaborative study describes a way that lung tissue canregenerate after injury. The team found that lung tissue has more dexterity in repairing tissue than once thought.

Stem cells might heal damaged lungs: Transplanted cells made their …

Science Daily

Jul 14, 2015 – Collectively, such diseases of the airways as emphysema, bronchitis, asthma and cystic fibrosis are the second leading cause of death …

Research indicates that stem cells could be used to heal damaged lungs


Jul 20, 2015 – Respiratory diseases are extremely prevalent, with more than 35 million sufferers in the US alone. Now, a team from the Weizmann Institute of …

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Lung regeneration closer to reality with new discovery by Weill Cornell …

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Electrical Stimulation

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Aug 2, 2008 – Electrical stimulation in the form of functional electrical stimulation (FES) ….. as well as normal lung function and normal chest wall compliance.

Microcurrent Therapy a Holistic Option for Lung Health – HolisticHorse ……/microcurrent-therapy-a-holistic-option-for-lung-health/

Microcurrent therapy is a holistic option for improving equine lung health , and … EIPH to race, however, it does not repair the damage done to the horse’s lungs.

The clinical use of regenerative therapy in COPD…/PMC42717

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Dec 12, 2014 – Regenerative or stem cell therapy is an emerging field of treatment based on stimulation … Current evidence suggests that in the lung, these cells may …. subtypes, depending on their origin and the resident microenvironment.

Related Patents and Research

Patent US5788668 – Vibrational enhancement of intravenous … – Google


The presence of the vibration increases the efficiency of intravenous gas exchanging … Erfinder,Howard J. Leonhardt …. One type of catheter allows vital gas exchange to occur within the body if thelungs can not function properly. …. is to provide a method which will prevent clotting of long-termintravascular devices.

Patent WO2001042425A2 – Lung stem cells and lung regeneration … Google

… progenitor or stem cells capable of regenerating lung alveolar surface, and … stem cells to thelung in an amount sufficient to stimulate the growth of lung … Barbara Driscoll, Los Angeles Childrens Hospital, Margaret Schwarz, David Warburton … Children’s Medical Center Corporation, Acceleration of tissue growth using …

Lung Stem Cells for Therapeutic Lung Regeneration – 14160 – North ……/14160_lungstemcells-for-therapeutic-lungregenerati

A U.S. provisional patent application has been filed. Abstract. Pulmonary … Stem cell therapy is a promising approach to lung regeneration medicine. Current …

Lung Regeneration | The Ott Laboratory for Organ Engineering and …

Harvard University

The lung project focuses on the goal of deriving a functioning, transplantable human lung by combining native extracellular matrix scaffolds and novel …

Researchers find bioreactor supports whole lung regeneration –

May 4, 2016 – Researchers at Yale University devised a mechanical system that can support the growth of whole lungs from patient cells to use in transplants.

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Call Longfonds Regeneration of the lung – Longfonds Research…/DEF%20-%20%20Longherstel%20draft%20call%20for%20

Research in regeneration of lung tissue has rapidly developed in the past years, and the … tissue printing and advanced models to study elements of lung (patho)physiology point to the technological potential in The Netherlands and beyond.

Lung Regeneration – Center for Regenerative Medicine – Mayo Clinic ……/lungregeneration

Regenerative medicine has the potential to provide innovative new therapies for people with lungdiseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary arterial hypertension and bronchiolitis obliterans. … Research into lung …

Missing: netherlands

Regeneration of the lung: Lung stem cells and the development of ……/PMC4842297/ National Center for Biotechnology Information

by KAA Schilders – ‎2016

Apr 23, 2016 – Keywords: Lung, Stem cells, Regeneration, Tissue engineering, Lung mimics …. A newstudy shows Trp73 as a regulator of ciliated cell differentiation, ….. by the Lung FoundationNetherlands, project, the Sophia …

Regenerative Medicine Study Underscores Lung Regeneration Capacity…/regenerative-medicine-study-underscores-lungregene

Apr 28, 2015 – In diseases like cystic fibrosis, the lungs undergo constant healing and remodeling due to chronic infections. To better understand the repair …

Biomimetic platforms for human stem cell research…/PMC30488

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Mar 4, 2011 – The regeneration of worn and diseased tissues using some form of ….. Subjecting stem cells to electrical stimulation and mechanical … Remarkably, these engineered lungs functioned in vivo, and persisted for several hours.

Leonhardt MicroStimulator II

Leonhardt Implantable Micro Stimulator Option