Alon Goren –  Senior Advisor Crowdfunding Platforms

Alon Goren is the CEO and Co-founder of InvestedIn – a leading technology startup that specializes in social fundraising and Crowdfunding platforms.

Frustrated by the many standardized fundraising platforms available, which have limited branding options and performance capabilities in addition to high costs and time-consuming procedures, Alon started InvestedIn to offer fundraisers a customizable, quick and affordable platform to use. Prior to founding InvestedIn, Alon worked for such innovative entertainment tech giants as IMDB and MySpace where he managed product development, testing and performance.

Utilizing a completely customizable interface, InvestedIn’s platforms are designed with functionality and performance in mind. InvestedIn’s secure and encrypted platforms provide full-service features including fully branded and customizable signup and fundraising pages, self-serve control panel, robust administration control, social media and affiliate tracking, multi-language and multi-country accessibility, and smart phone apps to monitor campaign progress.

An active member of Los Angeles’ start-up community, Alon has spoken at various conferences and meetings in the Los Angeles area and beyond.
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