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Executive Office Review
2020 Full Year Financials


Cash Wages = $153,645 – All members including CEO – Incredibly modest for company with over 600 patent claims and multiple products in clinical studies. ($4,026 per startup)

Health Insurance = $11,146 – Very modest for our size of company

Contract Labor = $139,760 – Documented very well – nearly all R&D related – very modest for our stage of development with multiple products in clinical studies

Research Materials = $51,326 – A solid number well documented funds well invested

Rent All Labs, Offices and Facilities (38 innovation assets & startups and multiple accelerator branches except Utah) = $29,198 – modest for our scope of operations ($768 annually per startup)

Auto Expense = $3,082 – Very modest included multiple trips between Utah and California locations, visit to Gore in Flagstaff, Dr. Stuart Williams in Arizona, Dr. Robert Kellar in Flagstaff, Paul Norman in NorCal, Sean Heyniger in Colorado ($81 per startup)

Meals = $7,252 – Very modest, company lunch room, investor dinners, lunches, scientific advisor meals, R&D Staff Order In Meeting Meals and lunches across over 38 startups ($190.94 annual food and coffee cost per startup).

Total Travel Expense = $14,555 ($383 total travel cost per startup) very modest

Accounting = $28,869 ($759 total per startup) extremely modest for high level work

Insurance D&O and other = $18,974 ($499 per startup)

Legal Corporate = $52,596 ($1,384 per startup) primarily subscription agreements, PPM, employment agreements, advisory agreement, cap table, stock option plan, board items

Legal PATENTS IP = $101,912 ($2,681 per startup) – a very great ROI with over 600 patents claims issued, pending, licensed, optioned or in process.

Marketing Expenses Including Scientific Meetings = $23,838 ($627.31 per startup) – very modest – includes total creation and management of over 50 web site pages + logos, animations, product stickers and more.

Total Office Expense = $1,822.67 ($47.96 per startup) – extremely modest

Postage & Shipping = $19,511 ($513 per startup) – primarily shipping stimulators to clinical sites around the world and shipments of supplies to R&D labs

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