Kurt Kruger

Kurt Kruger
Chief Financial Advisor
Leonhardt’s Launchpads
& Second Heart Assist

On the Leonhardt’s Launchpads bioelectric regeneration and healing platform…

“Bioelectric medicine is an emerging field that has high potential to dramatically improve healthcare for the better. It harnesses natural level bioelectric signals to control release of regeneration promoting proteins to stimulate the body to heal itself working in synergy with neurological and immune systems. Our Leonhardt’s Launchpads team and portfolio of organ specific innovations and startups are exhibiting leadership in building a large patent estate of bioelectric signaling sequences for promoting organ regeneration, controlling inflammation and blood pressure, multiple cosmetic applications and for many other applications including vision and hearing recovery. Our cancer startup with 9 issued bioelectric cancer treatment patents and dozens of new patent claims pending has potential to bring forward a less toxic with less side effects alternative treatment to radiation and chemo. A few years ago that vision may have seemed unreachable but recently multiple research labs around the world have published successful results in using electromagnetic therapies for cancer. It seems the age of bioelectric medicine is here to stay and I am proud to be part of this team helping to the lead this movement.”

On Second Heart Assist…

“Over my 33 year career in the medtech industry I have been most closely involved with following, reporting on and financing the heart and cardiovascular sector. As a biomedical engineer I can clearly see the design advantages of the Second Heart Assist pipeline of products featuring low RPMs, high flow, strong fixation stability, maintenance of pulsaltility and rapid improvement of renal output. If the team succeeds at delivering a wireless power alternative to systems tethered to external boxes this will likely establish Second Heart Assist, or their strategic acquirer, as the market leader.”

Kurt Kruger
Background, Experience and Education
33 years medtech industry experience

2014-2019 – Head of Healthcare Investment Banking – WR Hambrecht & Co.
2013-2014 – Navigant – Managing Consultant
2010-2013 – Managed personal investments and various medtech industry consulting engagements
2009-2010 – Kruger Capital
2000-2003 – Managing Director Bank of America Equities Research
1987-1996 – Managing Director Research, Hambricht & Quist (now JP Morgan Chase)

BS – Biomedical Engineering – Brown University
MS – Bioengineering – University of Michigan
MS – Finance and Management of Innovation – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management