Senior Advisor Brand Development and Women Centric Enterprises

Leveraging her background as an executive, strategist, and communications specialist, Laurelle F. Johnson prepares startup entrepreneurs to seek funds from venture capitalists, angel investors, and crowd funding campaigns.

Laurelle is particularly interested in collaborating with technology, mobile, and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Her focus is on perfecting the startup’s marketing to prospective investors and getting the owners ready for conversations with investors. This can include:

► Analyzing the viability of the business model from an investor’s perspective, assessing the best target markets, and identifying the problem being solved.

► Strategizing content of the executive summary, term sheet, business plan, and PowerPoint presentation.

► Developing a compelling pitch that will generate curiosity and interest from prospective investors.

These elements hold key considerations for VC and angel investors.

In addition to her work with startups, Laurelle has 20 years of Fortune 500 sales and management experience that includes securing $300+ million in contracts, increasing annual sales 800%, and personally closing deals up to $75 million. She has a Pepperdine MBA and a BA in Communication.

Her business experience, both at high corporate levels and as an entrepreneur, puts her in an ideal position to craft messages that bridge the communication gap between visionary entrepreneurs and discriminating investors.

Laurelle’s most recent startup-focused activities have included:

– Aiding startups in securing $1.5M+ in funding with compelling pitches and materials.
– Collaborating on creation of Women in LAVA, a group that improves women’s startups’ access to VC.
– Participating on Selection Committee at Tech Coast Angels’ Fast Pitch to the Angels Competition for tech startups 6 years running.

Laurelle welcomes opportunities to network with tech, infrastructure, and women-centric startups; text 818-512-6477 or email laurelle (at)