This new patent letter of allowance received from the USPTO further expands the Company’s intellectual property estate intended for treating, suppressing and preventing cancer tumor formation and progression. 
Leonhardt Ventures LLC and its cancer treating and research subsidiary CancerCell LTP now has 12 issued or exclusively licensed patents covering bioelectric cancer treatment.  The company believes bioelectric cancer treatments have the potential to be a less toxic and less expensive alternative for many patients and is undertaking studies to prove out the safety and efficacy of this approach.  Links to previously issued bioelectric cancer treatment patents may be found here and here
Mission Viejo, CA , March 2nd, 2023 /PRdistribution/ – Leonhardt Ventures LLC, a leading medtech innovation firm, and its subsidiary CancerCell, announced today receipt of a Letter of Allowance issuing 12 new patent claims.
The new U.S. issued patent will broadly cover methods, bioelectric signaling software and apparatus used to treat blood and bone related cancers.  Specifically bioelectric signaling to control release of osteoprotegerin (OPG) to prevent bone degradation especially in multiple myeloma patients.
Summary:  A bioelectric stimulator programmed to produce at least one bioelectric signal that stimulate(s) target tissue of a subject to increase expression of osteoprotegerin (OPG), thus inhibiting bone degradation in the subject
“My mother Penny passed away from multiple myeloma at age 49.  She would have been 78 this coming March 9th.  So this patent issuance is special to me personally.  I saw how my Mom’s bones became to look like Swiss cheese with bone degradation holes that ruined her quality of life in her last years.  We hope this technology prevents this in new patients suffering of this terrible form of cancer” stated Howard J. Leonhardt, Inventor and Executive Chairman Leonhardt Ventures LLC and CancerCell LTP
Myeloma cells express RANKL and cause bone marrow residing stromal cells to overexpress RANKL. In addition, myeloma cells inhibit OPG production by stromal cells  The physiologic balance between RANKL and OPG is tilted by these combined effects, and the ensuing enhanced RANKL-to-OPG ratio promotes osteoclast formation and activation, which is responsible for rapid bone loss, fractures, pain and worsening spread of the cancer. OPG counteracts the action of RANKL osteoclasts and thus stops bone degradation and may even reverse the cancer action of cells.
BM biopsy specimens from multiple myeloma (MM) patients show increased RANKL expression and decreased OPG expression in BMSCs. Co-cultures of MM cells induced RANKL mRNA expression and suppressed OPG mRNA expression in BMSCs. Therefore, MM cells are suggested to dysregulate the RANKL/RANK/OPG system to enhance RANKL action in the MM BM microenvironment. Indeed, blocking RANKL with recombinant OPG or RANK-Fc significantly reduced osteolytic lesions and tumor expansion,  See reference:
Working in partnership with BodStim the CancerCell and Leonhardt Ventures LLC research teams with the support of Leonhardt’s Launchpads Brazil is preparing to launch a first in man study for suppressing cancer tumor progression next quarter. Details will be shared shortly.
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