Mission Viejo, Calif, November 1, 2021 (PRDistribution) —  Leonhardt Ventures LLC today announced the filing of additional pioneering patent claims based on the discovery in their research labs of specific bioelectric signaling sequences able to control expressions of essential brain regeneration promoting proteins. These include Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Growth Determination Factor 10 (GDF10), Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1), Stromal Derived Factor 1 (SDF1), and Klotho, a gene involved in the aging process. The patent covers a bioelectric stimulation system, delivery methods and devices, and specific bioelectric signaling sequences for on-demand brain regeneration protein expressions. Additionally, the patent describes how such an invention may be used to help patients recover from cerebral strokes, brain injuries, paralysis, brain cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and essential tremors.

Leonhardt Ventures LLC previously patented specific bioelectric signaling sequences for stem cell homing, proliferation and differentiation control, signals for arteriogenesis (growing new, non-leaking blood vessels), nerve regeneration, blood pressure management, and customized, real-time inflammation management. These proprietary bioelectric signaling sequences are already incorporated in clinical and pre-clinical studies across a wide range of disease and aging applications, including highly complex cancers.
The Leonhardt team believes this technology platform represents a bonafide opportunity to make a great leap forward in helping people recover from brain-related ailments, including stroke. Previous studies have identified BDNF, IGF1, and GDF10 as critical proteins involved in brain recovery that facilitate the restoration of lost neuronal connections. SDF1 is a known stem cell homing factor, and klotho has improved cognitive function and memory in pre-clinical studies. Furthermore, low klotho levels have been linked to depression and addiction, as well as chronic inflammation and arterial calcification. 
“In our research labs, we achieved significant increases in BDNF and GDF-10, as high as 800% above baseline, with our patent-pending signals when stimulating fresh porcine brain tissues,”  stated Sejal Chaudhari, a lead research scientist at Leonhardt Ventures LLC’s innovation accelerator Leonhardt’s Launchpads. This study was done in close collaboration with the California Medical Innovation Institute in San Diego County, which helped secure the brain tissue samples used in the study.
Leonhardt Ventures LLC has seven startups/innovation assets in its Brain Group portfolio, https://leonhardtventures.com/brain/, all of which may benefit from these discoveries:

In advanced cases, the Leonhardt team combines bioelectric signaling-controlled regenerative protein expressions with repeat infusions or injections of stem cells and biologic support factors, including secretome from amniotic sourcing, bioelectrically pre-treated PRF, selected exosomes, nutrient hydrogel, and selected alkaloids such as tetraharmine.  A subcutaneously-implanted refillable infusion pump is utilized in chronic cases that can be refilled as needed.
“I am very proud of our whole research team’s contributions to these breakthrough discoveries and developments.  No team is working harder to bring alternative solutions to patients in great need,”  said Howard J. Leonhardt, inventor and Executive Chairman and CEO of Leonhardt Ventures LLC and Leonhardt’s Launchpads. 
Previous Leonhardt published patent filings  https://patents.justia.com/inventor/howard-j-leonhardt
About Leonhardt Ventures LLC:  Since 1982, the Leonhardt team has focused on innovations in Medtech. The team patented, developed, and brought to market the PolyCath™ line of cardiovascular balloon catheters in the 1980’s. In the 1990s, the team introduced StentValve, one of the first non-surgical inserted heart valves, and the TALENT (Taheri-Leonhardt) aortic aneurysm stent graft. Since 2000, the team has focused primarily on the convergence of bioelectrics and biologics for organ regeneration and healing. In 2001, Leonhardt led a team in The Netherlands that completed the first landmark non-surgical repair of a human heart with muscle stem cells.  See www.lventuresnestg.wpenginepowered.com and www.calxstars.com for more information. Over 600,000 patients have been treated with Leonhardt Ventures LLC inventions to date with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion by acquirers. In stent graft and stent valve technologies the acquirers hold world leading marketing positions.
As part of the Master IP Agreement between Leonhardt Ventures LLC all organ or purpose-specific innovation assets and corresponding startups receive exclusivity to this IP for their charter application purpose; for example, LiverCell LTPwww.livercellstim.com has all Leonhardt IP rights for liver regeneration and recovery as long as Leonhardt Ventures LLC’s non-dilutive equity position is maintained.
 To date, more than 800 patent claims related to organ regeneration and recovery have been issued, optioned, licensed, or are in process related to organ regeneration and recovery (see – https://patents.justia.com/inventor/howard-j-leonhardt).
Leonhardt’s Launchpads, the innovation and startup launch accelerator arm of Leonhardt Ventures LLC has a business model is to help support accelerate the pathway of organ or purpose-specific applications of Leonhardt core IP through first-in-human studies.  This acceleration program is designed to help better position the Leonhardt Ventures LLC organ or purpose specific assets to secure, after graduation from the accelerator, a strategic partner/acquirer to advance the organ and purpose applications of this IP through commercialization. https://leonhardtventures.com/development-pipeline/

Warnings and Disclaimers:  Patents pending may not be issued. Patents issued, licensed, or optioned may not be maintained.  Products are in early stages of development and are not yet proven safe or effective. The company lacks sufficient resources to bring these products through development and commercialization. These early-stage innovation assets and startups must be regarded in the highest risk category for total loss as an investment. The product development teams are attempting to achieve organ regeneration milestones never reached by any other group, including those with substantially greater resources.  A small core team is working on many developments and may not have sufficient resources to develop each innovation through first-in-human studies as planned.  Startups and innovation development teams within Leonhardt Ventures LLC  and its accelerator arms share resources in all forms – if this inter-mingling by design is an issue this is not an investment for you. Due to the early stage nature of these developments and their pioneering attempts to change the course of healthcare boldly any investment has to be regarded in the highest risk category for total loss. No other group, even those with substantially greater resources, has ever succeeded at reliably regenerating major organs – the primary goal of our team.  All forward-looking statements are subject to change without notice. Any timelines, implied or quoted, are highly subject to change, even by many years. The current bench-top stimulator Model 240 has received FDA 510K market clearance, working with Mettler Electronics of Anaheim, Calif., only for improving blood circulation, muscle injury recovery, muscle spasm treatment, deep vein thrombosis prevention following surgery, arthritis/joint pain treatment, and mild pain relief. 
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