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bioSkinStim is a startup within the Leonhardt Ventures Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator and Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah focused on skin regeneration.

The company utilizes bioelectric stimulation to control release of specific proteins on demand for specific regenerative purposes in sequence:

1. SDF-1 (stem cell homing factor – recruits a persons own stem cells to stimulated tissues).

2. VEGF (for new blood vessel growth).

3  IGF-1 (for DNA repair at the nucleus level). 

4. Follistatin (for muscle and tissue regeneration).

5. RANKL (for demineralization and tissue loosening when needed).

Light-therapy-micro-current-mask-skin-care.jpg_220x2206. Hepatocyte Growth Factor  (tissue regeneration)

7. eNOS (for dilating blood vessels for increasing flow).

8.  Tropoelastin (increases elasticity of any tissues such as skin, arteries, aorta, heart and promotes healing of wounds). 

9. Activin A (tissue repair) 

In extreme cases we combine our regeneration microstimulator with an implantable, programmable, re-fillable stem cell/growth factor micro pump.

In cases of skin cancer we have special signals to stop tumor cell division and blood supply followed by the above regeneration protocol. 

The MyoStim Skin team has also developed a full range of masks, electroacupuncturen needles, patches and bandages to compliment our skin regeneration stimulator. 


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SDF-1 Accelerates Skin Regeneration via Recruitment of Epidermal …

Skin integrity is of importance for the protection and separation of body tissues from the surrounding environment. The loss ofskin due to burns or trauma …

Stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF-1) accelerated skin wound healing ……

National Center for Biotechnology Information

by R Guo – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 2 – ‎Related articles

Jan 31, 2015 – Stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF1) acceleratedskin wound healing by promoting the migration and proliferation of epidermal stem cells.

Bone marrow-derived stem cells contribute skin regeneration in skin ……

National Center for Biotechnology Information

by C Li – ‎2011 – ‎Cited by 15 – ‎Related articles

Bone marrow-derived stem cells contribute skin regeneration inskin and soft tissue … Skin stromal-derived factor-1 (SDF1) expression was evaluated.

Stem cells and skin regeneration (PDF Download Available)…/51752820_Stem_cells_and_sk ResearchGate

In adult life, stem cell deposits are kept in organ niches; the need for tissue or organ regeneration mobilizes stem cells via theSDF1-CXCR4 regulation axis.


IGF-1 Reverses Aging and Heals damaged brain cells › Peptide Research › General Industry Discussion

Nov 12, 2015 – Growth Hormone Production and IGF1 The production of growth hormone is at its peak … as test subjects, HG has manifested the regeneration of damaged brain tissue.IGF1 ….. Vitamins treatment of sun damaged skin.

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Regenerative Skin Wound Healing in Mammals: State-of-the-Art on …

by BM Borena – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 7 – ‎Related articles

Apr 27, 2015 – Skin wound repair is a multiphased, yet well-orchestrated process …. fibroblast growth factor (FGF), insulin-like growth factor (IGF1, IGF2), .


HGF hepatocyte growth factor [ (human)] – NCBI…

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Apr 24, 2016 – Hepatocyte Growth Factor Gene-Modified Mesenchymal Stem Cells ….. a novel pathway of HGF processing during skin repair; data suggest …

What are the Effects of Growth Factors in Skin Care? – FutureDerm

Jan 8, 2015 – Growth factors in skin care can have many effects in early studies, … Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), Stimulate new blood vessel … Studies also suggest growth factors may increase cellular turnover and regeneration (Clinical …

Regenerative Skin Wound Healing in Mammals: State-of-the-Art on …

by BM Borena – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 7 – ‎Related articles

Apr 27, 2015 – Skin Wound healing Growth factor Stem cell ….. be found in plasma at high concentration and are produced by most tissues/cells, such as liver, …


Tropoelastin incorporation into a dermal regeneration template … – NCBI…

National Center for Biotechnology Information

by Y Wang – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles

Dec 2, 2014 – Tropoelastin incorporation into a dermalregeneration template promotes … Dermal RegenerationTemplate (IDRT) is the leading synthetic skin …

Stretchy patch could help repair skin and arteries | New Scientist…/mg21028063-600-stretchy

New Scientist

Mar 30, 2011 – A synthetic patch made from tropoelastin, an elastic component of skin and arteries, can help repairdamaged tissue.

Tropoelastin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Tropoelastin is a water-soluble molecule with a molecular weight of approximately 72,000 … Tropoelastin confers strength and elasticity to the skin and other organs in the body. A synthetic form of human tropoelastin is made by DermaPlus 

Elastin: A neglected essential of skin youth – Smart Skin Care

More accurately, fibroblasts secrete tropoelastin, the soluble immature form of elastin. Tropoelastin molecules are then cross-linked in a reaction catalyzed by …

Follistatin and Activin A 

Alteration of Skin Wound Healing in Keratinocyte-Specific Mediator ……/alteration-of-skin-wound-healing-in-keratinocyte-specific…

These findings indicate that the activin-follistatin system is involved in this acceleration of skin wound healing in 8-week-old Med1epi−/− mice. On the other hand …


Targeting Myostatin Signaling in Skin Healing – ClinMed International ……/journal-of-dermatology-research-and-therapy-ijd…

Feb 17, 2016 – Targeting Myostatin Signaling in Skin Healing … option in impaired skin healing. … antibody (Stamulumab) and the follistatin-related proteins,.

Treatment stimulates growth and regeneration of injured adult skeletal …

May 10, 2004 – … follistatin, and adult muscle regeneration is especially provocative as … National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, 



Nitric oxide drives skin repair: Novel functions of an established mediator

Wound healing of the skin represents a highly … to improvehealing of chronic skin wounds. …. of eNOS-derived NO in skin repair is clearly restricted.



Scarless Skin Regeneration- Are we there yet? – JSciMed Central

Nov 29, 2013 – to attenuate scarring, the regeneration of perfectskin remains a challenge and … fetal wounds had lower levels ofVEGF and were less vascular.

The Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Wound Healing…

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May 12, 2008 – An estimated 3 to 6 million chronic skin ulcers occur in patients every year in ….. further evidence for the importance of VEGF in wound repair.

Electrical Stimulation 

Electrical Stimulation in Tissue Regeneration | InTechOpen…/electricalstimulation-in-tissue-regeneration

Electrical Stimulation in Tissue Regeneration | InTechOpen, Published on: … the so-called epidermal or skin “battery” inside the living layer of the epidermis.

Electrical stimulation proven to accelerate wound healing – Gizmag…wound-healing/37521/


May 15, 2015 – A study of skin wound healing has found thatelectrical stimulation significantly speeds up the healingprocess. The researchers hope to now …

The Physiological Effects of Microcurrent – DERMASCOPE Magazine…/the-physiological-effects-of-microcurrent

Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (MENS) …. when microcurrent levels were used up to 500 microamps, skin regeneration increased almost …


Therapeutic potential of stem cells in skin repair and regeneration…/S1008127508600450


by C ZHANG – ‎2008 – ‎Cited by 54 – ‎Related articles

Stem cells are defined by their capacity of self-renewal and multilineage differentiation, which make them uniquely situated to treat a broad spectrum of human.

Stem Cells in Skin Regeneration, Wound Healing, and Their … – NCBI…

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by N Ojeh – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 4 – ‎Related articles

Int J Mol Sci. 2015 Oct 23;16(10):25476-501. doi: 10.3390/ijms161025476. Stem Cells in Skin Regeneration, Wound Healing, and Their Clinical Applications.

Stem cells: Skin regeneration and repair : Article : Nature › Journal home › Archive › News and Views


by C Blanpain – ‎2010 – ‎Cited by 51 – ‎Related articles

Mar 31, 2010 – Different types of stem cell maintain the skin’sepidermis and contribute to its healing after damage. The identity of a stemcell type that gives …

Stem Cell Niches for Skin Regeneration

by VW Wong – ‎2012 – ‎Cited by 42 – ‎Related articles

Apr 8, 2012 – Stem cell-based therapies offer tremendous potential for skin regeneration following injury and disease. Functional stem cell units have been .


BioLeonhardt Files Provisional Patent Application For … – BioSpace…/409221

Feb 18, 2016 – BioLeonhardt MyoStim is incubating within Cal-X Stars Business … Follistatin-like 1 (FSTL1) is a protein that encourages the growth of healthy ..

IGF-1 Controlled Release by Bioelectric Stimulation Provisional Patent ……

Apr 2, 2016 – The startups via Leonhardt Ventures have filed a provisional patent …. Patent Application | My Social Good Newson Howard Leonhardt

Leonhardt Ventures and CerebraCell File Patent Application for ……

Apr 17, 2016 – The patent application is entitled “TreatingCancer Tumors Using …. Filed by Leonhardt Ventures

Patent US20050171578 – Method of enhancing myogenesis by … Google

Aug 4, 2005 – Original Assignee, Leonhardt Howard J. …Patent Drawing … A method of enhancing myogenesis in myocardium comprising the steps of:.

SDF-1:CXCR4 Axis Is Fundamental for Tissue Preservation and Repair…

National Center for Biotechnology Information

by MS Penn – ‎2010 – ‎Cited by 23 – ‎Related articles

Aug 13, 2010 – Adult stem cell therapy has demonstrated the potential for tissue … and repair in multiple organ systems including the heart, liver, brain, skin, …

Wellcome support for synthetic skin that instructs body how to repair itself

University of Sydney

May 12, 2015 – The surgeon places our tropoelastin mesh on the wound and it not only instructs the wound how to repair, it helps accelerate the healing.

Cutaneous wound healing – Click Here to download


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