Paul Norman

Managing Partner Leonhardt’s Launchpads
Lead Contracts Negotiating Advisor to CEO
Leader of Animation Team
Board of Directors Advisor Since 2013

“The thing that has impressed me most in my time guiding Leonhardt’s Launchpads since 2013 is the highly efficient use of capital and their speed in innovation. Most other medtech firms I have invested in over many years have substantially higher overhead and development costs and yet have far lesser output of breakthrough innovations than Leonhardt’s Launchpads. The amount of working prototypes that this team has developed with so little capital in so little time is truly remarkable. Rapid prototyping is truly their core strength. I am very proud to be working with this outstanding team of true innovators.” Paul Norman Managing Partner Leonhardt’s Launchpads

Paul has been an active partner in building our innovation and startup launch accelerator since 2013 and stands as the 2nd leading shareholder of the company as an early investor backer. Based in Napa, California Paul has been a successful serial entrepreneur for over 30 years with substantial experience in negotiating top price for the sale of assets and in negotiating contracts with suppliers, equipment leases, employees, consultants, government entities and landlords. He also has substantial experience in helping to guide other medtech innovation firms and accelerators. He has worked side by side with a team that raised over $70 million for medtech innovation funding from crowdfunding with angel investors in the past and brings that special experience to the table. He also leads our contract animation team based in Burbank, California that has produced over 15 animation videos for our startups so far with a number more in the works right now.