Richard Andersen is an experienced Silicon Valley software entrepreneur who has spent the past 20 years bringing innovative business software, ecommerce, and financial services solutions to market. His areas of expertise include product management, sales & marketing, business development, team building, global expansion, information technology, and operational efficiency.

Richard began his career at Apple where he developed a lifelong passion for innovation excellence. Early recognition for “intrapraneurship” at Apple encouraged him to pursue technology management roles at companies including Portfolio Software, Ernst & Young Consulting (clients included Netscape, Novellus, Nextel and Infoseek), MarketFirst Software, and eBay.

He founded and leads ShareVault where an energized team of professionals are steadfastly blending elements from the enterprise collaboration, productivity, and security spaces into an entirely new enterprise platform for connecting and sharing. Richard also serves on the board of Elara Bioscience, a firm dedicated to streamlining the toxicology research and regulatory compliance processes for life science companies.  He has earned a BA from Whitworth University and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.