Steve Cinelli – Senior Advisor Equity Index Funds


Steve has consistently applied his profound knowledge of corporate finance, banking and capital markets to innovation, in particular, distributed capital formation via applied technology. In co-founding OffRoad Capital in 1999, Steve was the first to create a web-based platform to aggregate global accredited investors in a private securities market system, well before the term crowdfunding was coined. And in assessing areas of optimizing capital, Steve conceived of PRIMARQ to disrupt the ninety-year old practice of excessively leveraged housing finance within the USA and abroad, by bringing fresh equity funds efficiently into a multi-trillion dollar market. He is an active participant in the crowd-capital movement through participating on crowdfunding national boards, in addition to writing and speaking on next generation finance. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO of PRIMARQ, Steve is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.