Wendell King is currently the CEO of King Consulting; a consulting company working primarily in the medical device field.

From 1972 to 1986, Mr. King held various positions with Medtronic, Inc. Medtronic is a Fortune “500”, Minneapolis-based, medical device company. Mr. King served as Vice President and General Manager of the BioInterface Division, Medtronic’s second largest division. The division manufactured and marketed temporary and permanent pacing leads, diagnostic catheters, physiologic sensors and angioplasty catheters. Prior to becoming Vice President and General Manager, Mr. King was Director of Research and Development at Medtronic where he was responsible for developing numerous commercially successful new products.

In 1986, Mr. King co-founded and served as CEO and Chairman of Angeion Corporation. Angeion is a developer of medical device products. Mr. King raised more than $50million in private financing to fund the development of Angeion and successfully took the company public. Angeion today is a NASDAQ traded company, traded under the MGCD symbol.

In 1996, Mr. King co-founded Gateway Alliance, LLC. Gateway was an early-stage business incubator. Gateway Alliance founded three sucessful companies: Vascular Solutions, Rave Sports, and WorldKnit.com. Vascular Solutions, Inc. successfully completed an IPO and is a publicly traded medical device company and trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange

Mr. King has numerous publications and has been granted more than 30 patents. Mr. King earned a B.S. in engineering physics from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology. Mr. King has completed the Executive Business Administration Program at Dartmouth, Amos Tuck School of Business, and course work towards a Ph.D. in polymer physics at the University of Akron, Polymer Institute.

Mr. King currently serves on the following Boards: Discovery Genomics Inc. and The Rown Group.

Contact at:

Wendell King

2746 Sylvan Lane SW

Pillager, MN 56473