Yadid Ramot is the CTO and Co-Founder of InvestedIn – a leading technology startup that specializes in social fundraising and Crowdfunding.

Working with co-founder Alon Goren, Yadid developed InvestedIn to help non-profits, small businesses and individuals raise money online with customizable solutions for less money and less time. Previewed at The Palm Springs DEMO Conference in 2011, InvestedIn’s customizable platform was quickly adopted by businesses throughout the U.S. – launching more crowdfunding sites and offering more features than any other crowdfunding site provider.

Prior to founding InvestedIn, Yadid was a senior Performance Architect and senior web frameworks engineer for over eight years at MySpace and served as a lead developer at kSolo. While at MySpace he managed site performance optimizations and designed MSFast – tool for website analysis.

Yadid specializes in large-scale web architectures, big data, application and software security, open-sourced platforms and cloud computing.