bio Unknow2nAugust 5th, 2016 – Santa Monica, CA and Salt Lake City, UT – CerebraCell a Leonhardt Ventures Co. released today that it has filed a provisional patent application for a “brain saving” helmet to help minimize the damage from strokes.  Here is a link to a video demonstration of the technology –  The company envisions that every ambulance will have these devices in the future and they will be stored in airports, planes, malls, stadiums and other high people traffic areas just like portable defibrillators are today.   The CerebraCell “brain saving” helmet is equipped with a bioelectric energy micro stimulator that controls release of 10 key brain regeneration and brain blood flow promoting proteins including SDF-1, a stem cell homing signal and IGF-1 (DNA repair molecule).  The helmet is equipped with bioelectric signal transmitting micro electroacupuncture electrodes that either transcutaneously or percutaneously contacts safely scalp tissue.   A micro infusion pump is included that may be repeatedly loaded with the CCA-15 and/or CCR-15 CerebraCell proprietary fifteen component stem cell based angiogenic and regeneration compositions.  EMT personnel will carry frozen syringes with these compositions pre-loaded and ready to inject just as they do today for rapid clot dissolving drugs.  In stroke management time = brain.  So if this auto programmed helmet can be placed on a stroke victims head as soon as possible after artery blockage and clot dissolving we believe we can preserve much greater amount of brain tissue from the damaging effects of the stroke.  Earlier this week the CerebraCell team announced a joint venture with, the disease management company, to co-develop in partnership with other firms a comprehensive tele-stroke management and recovery program which will include the CerebraCell auto programmed “brain saving” helmet –  This helmet is being designed so that any EMT personnel under the remote tele-conferencing guidance of a physician can apply the “brain saving” therapy within minutes of arrival to the patient’s home or other location of stroke onset. 

CerebraCell is implementing a carefully designed translational study plan with patient safety in mind first.  It is our hope that this product will enter clinical trials in 2017.  The Leonhardt Ventures team that guides CerebraCell has significant experience in implementing organ regeneration and repair clinical studies since the 1980’s. The team completed the first-in-man pioneering percutaneous stent graft aortic aneurysm repair case in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia that led onto pilot, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III studies that have established the Leonhardt patented stent graft still today holding a world leading share of all non-surgical aortic aneurysm repairs.  In early 2001 the team led the historic first-in-man percutaneous muscle stem cell repair of a damaged heart in The Netherlands that led onto successful pilot, Phase I, Phase II and Phase II/III studies.  

About CerebraCell:

CerebraCell formed in 2015 is focused on brain regeneration utilizing bioelectric stimulation and and a re-fillable micro infusion pump that is re-filled daily or weekly with the CCA-15 or CCR-15 angiogenic and regeneration mixed stem cell based compositions.  For more information including supporting scientific articles please visit

About Leonhardt Ventures:

Leonhardt Ventures formed in 1982 as H.J. Leonhardt & Co. pioneered compliant balloon cardiovascular catheters, electrical stimulation for improving blood flow and turn key caths labs in the 1980s, intravascular lung, radiation caths, stem cell delivery systems, stent grafts, percutaneous heart valve and stem cell repair of hearts in the 1990’s.   Since 2000 the team has focused on bioelectric + stem cell based organ regeneration, circulatory assist devices and genomics and high fidelity data based heart failure and stroke management and recovery.  Leonhardt Ventues operates incubators and accelerators in California and Utah to primarily move its own inventions from concept to market as well as a select few from outside its own laboratories.  See for more information. 

Contact:  Howard Leonhardt, email, Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah, 489E 400 South, Unit 116, Salt Lake City UT or Leonhardt Ventures, 1531 6th Street, Unit 401, Santa Monica, CA  90401