Published: Oct 20, 2017

First bioelectric cancer tumor therapy designed for early detection, personalized real time reading, customized communication jamming, stopping cell division, starving blood supply, changing surface protein expression to trigger immunotherapy, customized real time inflammation management and then regenerating the affected organ after cancer tumor is eradicated

Playa Vista, CA and Salt Lake City, Utah / PRBUZZ / October 19th, 2017 / CancerCell a startup incubating within the Leonhardt‘s Launchpads innovation accelerator labs in California and Utah has announced it has filed new provisional patent application claims for bioelectric cancer tumor treatment.  These claims include:

1.  Bioelectric signals to provide early detection of cancer tumors.
2.  Bioelectric signal to read real time the communication signals and protein expressions of a cancer tumor.
3.  Delivery of customized bioelectric signals real time to jam the ability of a cancer tumor to communicate.
4.  Delivery of a sequence of bioelectric signals to stop uncontrolled cell division.
5.  Delivery of a sequence of bioelectric signals to starve a cancer tumor of blood supply.
6.  Delivery of a sequence of bioelectric signals to change the surface protein expressions of a cancer tumor to that the body attacks it – immunotherapy.
7.  Reading real time and adjusting real time bioelectric signals to manage inflammation.
8.  After cancer tumor has been eradicated from organ a sequence of bioelectric signals to regenerate that organ back to full health and function which includes stem cell homing, controlled proliferation, differentiation and blood vessel sprouting, growth and maturation expression proteins.

“We are delighted to expand the intellectual property around our CancerCell bioelectric therapy designed for destroying cancer tumors and regenerating organs.  We have hope that bioelectric cancer therapies can be more effective and less toxic than traditional chemo and radiation therapy protocols.  We believe we are the only bioelectric therapy that delivers multiple modalities of treatment to fight the nemesis of cancer tumor growth.  We are the only combination therapy known to address eradication of the cancer but also regeneration of the organ following cancer treatment.”  stated Howard J. Leonhardt, lead inventor and Executive Chairman & CEO of CancerCell and Leonhardt’s Launchpads.

“Our team at the Pacific NeuroSciences Institute and the John Wayne Cancer Institute is delighted to have the opportunity to be the first site given the opportunity to study via translational research this unique multi-modality bioelectric therapy for cancer treatment and patient recovery.  We look forward to sharing study results soon.”   Stated Dr. Santosh Kesari, Dr. Santosh Kesari is a board-certified neurologist and neuro-oncologist and is currently Chair and Professor, Department of Translational Neuro-oncology and Neurotherapeutics, John Wayne Cancer Institute. He is also Director of Neuro-oncology, Providence Saint John’s Health Center and leads the Pacific Neuroscience Research Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

CancerCell announced earlier this year an exclusive option to exclusive license with Neuro Code Tech Holdings LLC that covered multiple related patents – – including these issued patent claims…


1. A method of treating cancer by causing apoptosis, wherein said cancer is one of a known species of malignant cells, comprising:
creating a confounding electrical signal with respect to said cancer, wherein said confounding electrical signal is applicable to said cancer to cause apoptosis in which said confounding electrical signal is selected from a database of confounding electrical signals; and
applying said confounding signal to said cancer to cause said apoptosis.

2. The method according to claim 1, wherein creating said confounding electrical signal with respect to said cancer further comprises:
determining a resident electrical signal found in a specie of said cancer, and
modifying the resident electrical signal to form said confounding electrical signal.

3. A method of treating cancer by causing apoptosis, said method comprising:
modifying a resident electrical signal found in a cancer to form a confounding electrical signal, and
applying the confounding electrical signal to the cancer to cause apoptosis.

4. A system for treating cancer by causing apoptosis, said system comprising
a first probe for determining a resident electrical signal found in a species of cancer,
a computer system comprising: i. a processor for modifying each resident electrical signal to form at least one confounding electrical signal unique to each resident electrical signal, and ii. a data storage for all confounding electrical signals, and
a second probe for applying a selected one of the confounding electrical signals to the cancer.

“In the past 24 months two major studies have been published confirming the safety and efficacy of bioelectric therapies for cancer treatment by other groups.  One was focused on the single modality of jamming the communication ability of aggressive brain tumors and the other on one bioelectric signal sequence to change the surface protein expressions of skin cancer tumors.  Those results have excited the entire research area but in our view fall short of a full comprehensive solution.  Other studies have demonstrated the efficacy of bioelectric signals in curbing inflammation. Our CancerCell therapy is the only one known to date with eight modalities to fight cancer tumor growth and promote organ regeneration and recovery.  We look forward to completing well controlled studies to prove this out over time.”  states Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer, Leonhardt’s Launchpads

“The late Eleanor Schuler taught us that the cancer tumor of January is not the cancer tumor of April and in order to be effective in treating cancer the therapy has to change real time with the tumor changes.  Our CancerCell bioelectric therapy is the only one we know of that is designed to do just this.”  stated further Howard J. Leonhardt, Executive Chairman and CEO.

About CancerCell:  CancerCell is pioneering the field of bioelectric therapies for cancer detection, treatment and recovery.   CancerCell has developed a portfolio of unique solutions for oncologists and other specialists designed to hopefully help them deliver better care to their patients.   The team announced earlier this year the exclusive option license for a series of bioelectric read and write bioelectric cancer treatment patents from inventor Eleanor Schuler and Neuro Code Tech Holdings LLC – ; CancerCell is incubating in the Leonhardt’s Launchpads accelerators in California and Utah.  See web site with VIDEO >

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