– Signals for stopping cell division and halting blood flow to tumors followed by full regeneration program –


Press Release – Santa Monica, CA and Salt Lake City, UT – April 14th, 2016 – Leonhardt Ventures and its spin out startups CerebraCell, PancreaCell, RegenaLung and CancerCell are pleased to announce they have filed a provisional patent application with over 30 patent invention claims with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its first cancer focused therapy comprising signals of halting cell division, stopping blood supply to tumors then followed by a full comprehensive program for organ regeneration.

The patent application is entitled “Treating Cancer Tumors Using BioElectric Stimulation in Combination with Micro Infusion” Inventors Howard J. Leonhardt and Jorge Genovese. This technology is based on bioelectric signals delivered via a micro stimulator device the size of a quarter. The signals may be delivered to target tumors and tissues via non-invasive means via a wearable brain cap or via wireless transmission. When desired a small wire probe may be directed precisely to the tumor and the tissue area targeted for regeneration after cancer treatment. The device may be used as a stimulator alone for small tumors with a small amount of associated organ damage and in combination with a micro infusion pump in cases of large or multiple tumors and significant organ damage in need of regeneration. Although the optimal and desired cancer tumor treatment regime is free of tissue damaging and side effect riddle chemo therapy or radiation it may be used in conjunction with those treatment options when deemed best for the patient by their physician. The regeneration protocol is also predicted to be useful for recovering from these treatment modalities as well and it is hoped that the bioelectric stimulation signaling can reduce the need for chemo or radiation and in many cases eliminate totally the need for these more toxic treatments.

“We do not claim in any way to have an easy instant cure for cancer yet but we are sharing that while we studied organ regeneration targeted bioelectric signals intended to promote controlled cell proliferation and controlled new blood vessel growth we stumbled across signals that seem to promptly stop cell division and blood supply. We decided to file with the USPTO these new inventions with the purpose of stopping cancer tumor growth and combine them our existing portfolio of organ regeneration technologies. The next step will be carefully designed studies to prove out the combination with the hope for complete cancer recovery with less side effects compared to currently available treatments.” states co-inventor Howard J. Leonhardt

“What is unique about this invention is the combination of stopping cell division and stopping blood supply, presumably without toxic side effects found from chemo and radiation treatments, followed by a complete organ regeneration protocol. Other cancer treatments are both toxic and incomplete in fully recovering a patient back to a high quality of life.” states co-inventor Dr. Jorge Genovese “We have high hope for this technology to make a major difference for the better in treating cancer patients and we are on the research path now to prove this out with well controlled studies.” Genovese further states.

Leonhardt-Genovese Patent Abstract

Cytokine + Chemotherapeutic and regenerative treatment for certain cancers may be combined with low intensity, intermediate frequency alternating electric fields that are tuned to release specific beneficial proteins at specific time intervals. More specifically, cell proliferation inhibition and halting blood supply to tumors in the first treatment stage. The bioelectric stimulation treatment may be increased in volume and efficacy by the combination use of an implantable, programmable, re-fillable micro infusion pump that delivers anti-cell proliferation and anti-blood vessel growth proteins as well, if desired, standard cancer treatment drugs such as chemo therapy agents. The second stage of treatment is focused regeneration of cancer damaged tissues back to their most optimal healthy state. The regenerative phase comprises a sequence of recruiting repairative stem cells to the damaged organ by bioelectrically stimulating the the release of SDF-1 (stem cell homing factor), followed by a controlled proliferation signal, a controlled blood vessel supply signal (VEGF) and if desired and useful release of Follistatin, Tropinelastin, Hepatocyte Growth Factor, IGF-1, eNOS and Activin. The stimulation cycle causing release of beneficial proteins for regeneration may be upgraded in volume and speed of delivery by the combination use of an implantable, re-fillable, programmable micro infusion pump for delivering a higher quantity of stem cells, nutrient hydrogel, matrix and other beneficial tissue and organ regeneration promotion proteins.


Cytokine + Chemotherapeutic and regenerative treatment for certain cancers comprising a combination low intensity, intermediate frequency alternating electric fields that are tuned to release particular beneficial proteins in two stages, stage (1) = stopping cancer spread by halting cell proliferation and halting tumor blood supply and stage (2) regenerating the cancer damaged tissue or organ back to optimal health. In many cases, the resulting cell proliferation inhibition is expected to be significantly higher than the inhibition obtained by drug-only regimens of treatment.

A method of killing or inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in a target region followed by regenerating the tissue or organ back to optimal health, the method comprising the steps of:

Stage 1 = Stop cancer tumor growth

applying, to the target region, a series of bioelectric signals that damages the cancer cells or inhibits the growth of the cancer cells via stopping cell proliferation and halting blood supply temporarily, but leaves normal cells in the target region substantially unharmed; and
treating the cancer cells with an other anti-cancer regimen via programmable micro pump infusion, wherein the applying step and the treating step are performed simultaneously.

Stage 2 = Regeneration of post cancer tissue or organ

treating the target region with a series of bioelectric signals to recruit stem cells, grow healthy blood vessels and re-grow healthy functional tissues in the previous cancer damaged region.

Leonhardt Ventures is interested in partnership opportunities for its proprietary technology platform with other biotechnology /pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, CerebraCell, PancreaCell and Regenalung, Leonhardt Ventures spin out startups, are exploring collaboration opportunities with investigators and clinical sites for potential combination treatment options for brain, pancreas and lung cancers indications respectively. The IP portfolio for all other potential cancer treatment indications of use will be housed in a new Leonhardt Ventures spin out startup to be incubated within the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. called CancerCell including breast, skin, prostrate, throat, colon, cervical, throat and esophagus cancers.

Note – CerebraCell is dually incubating in the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator in Santa Monica and at the University of Northern California Science and Technology Innovation Center in Rohnert Park, CA under the guidance of over 70 business mentors and 35 scientific advisory board members. PancreaCell, RegenaLung and CancerCell are dually incubating in the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator in Santa Monica and the newly formed Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah incubator/incubator in Salt Lake City.

About Leonhardt Ventures: Leonhardt Ventures since 1982 (formerly HJ Leonhardt & Co.) has been leading the development of products for treating cardiovascular and heart disease. Operating since 2005 as Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures a California C corporation – www.lventuresnestg.wpenginepowered.com. In the 1980’s the team led the development of turn-key cardiac cath labs, blood oxygenators, heart valves, electrical stimulation devices for improving blood flow and patented predictably compliant balloon cardiovascular catheters. In the 1990s percutaneous heart valves, stem cell delivery catheters, biological pacing, radiation delivery catheters, intravascular lung, heart valve decalcification, endovascular stent grafts and stem cell repair of hearts. From 2000 forward the primary focus has been on organ regeneration research by the the combination of stem cell delivery, now via a micro pump, and programmed bioelectric stimulation release of specific regeneration proteins led by its flagship startup BioLeonhardt MyoStimwww.bioleonhardt.com + www.myostimpacers.com

About Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc: Formed in 2012 and incorporated as a C corporation in California in 2013 Cal-X Stars is a 5 year business accelerator focused on regenerative medtech and regenerative economy startups and innovations –www.calxstars.com. Most of the inventions that are the foundation of the startups within the accelerator come from Leonhardt Ventures own associated research centers- www.lventuresnestg.wpenginepowered.com Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. helps operate and support Cal-Xelerator www.calxelerator.com a 108 day startup launch accelerator, Leonhardt’s Launchapds NorCalwww.leonhardtslaunchpads.com a life science incubator (founded 2007), Startup California http://startupcalifornia.org a startup launch assistance resource, LABiohub www.labiohub.org a life science startup assistance resource focused on the Los Angeles region and Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah focused on helping launch life science and regenerative economy startups in Utah.

Leonhardt Ventures and the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator are supported by 35 person Scientific Advisory Board –http://calxstars.com/scientific-advisory-board/ and a 73 person Business Advisory and Mentorship Board – http://calxstars.com/team-cal-x/ that help guide all of their associated startups and licensable technology platforms.

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