March 5th, 2019 – Leonhardt’s Lauchpads by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. and Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah, Inc. announced today joint Annual Shareholder meetings will be held 2:35pm to 4pm MT at the Salt Mine Productive Workspace 7984 1300 E, Sandy, UT 84094 on March 18th, 2019.  The shareholders will elect the 2019 Board of Directors at this meeting and will approve compensation plans for executives.  Progress towards goals will be reviewed as well as company financials and our 2019 strategic plan and goals. 
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Major noteworthy accomplishments progress to date:
Heart & Cardiovascular
  • BioLeonhardt is completing a small animal study at U of Utah and is launching a large animal study at Texas Heart Institute for heart regeneration.  Dozens of new patent claims filed. Preparing to launch skeletal muscle clinical study in Pittsburgh with McGowan Regenerative Medicine Institute. 
  • PressureStim has linked with team in Korea that has published positive clinical results.  A new study will soon be launched.  Dozens of new patent claims filed.  Option pathway to exclusive license to Schuler issued patents obtained.  Bioelectric blood pressure management.
  • Valvublator is competing in the Bench to Bedside competition at U of Utah with working prototypes and has recruited Richard Henson as President. 
  • Second Heart Assist, Inc. preparing to launch clinical studies next quarter OUS after extensive pre-clinica safety testing.  Completed wireless test demo Queensland University of Technology Australia.  Licensed key wireless power patents.  Filed dozens of new patent claims.  
  • Cerebracell is launching brain regeneration pre-clinical studies at McGowan Regenerative Medicine Institute in Pittsburgh and the Pacific Neurosciences Institute in Los Angeles. 
Cosmetic & Personal Care 
  • MyoStim ED Erectistim has published one positive clinical study working with the Carboni team in Brazil and is now enrolling in a 2nd study this time with more bioelectric signals.  85% success in first study striving for near to 100% success in new studies.
  • Stem Cell Bra 15 large animal safety and efficacy studies completed.  Now moving to first-in-man OUS studies.  
  • HairCell clinical studies launched.  Multiple patent claims filed. 
  • SkinSkim clinical studies launched.  Multiple patent claims filed. 
  • TestiStim U.S. issued patent exclusively licensed.  Prototypes built and tested. 
  • OrthodontiCell clinical studies launched.  Positive animal study published by collaborators  in Brazil.  
  • DentaCell clinical data in working with Dr. Chalmers California and more. 
Major Organ Regeneration 
  • OrthoStim www.ortho-stim.copm clinical study launching in California for joint regeneration.  
  • EyeCell 2 clinical studies peer reviewed published on 176 treated patients working with collaborating researchers.  High success rate.  New studies about to launch.  
  • BladderCell is preparing to launch OUS clinical study.
  • InStim  has filed multiple patent claims for bioelectric inflammation management. 
  • Livercell preparing to launch pre-cliical study in Pittsburgh. 
  • Bioelectric cancer tumor animal study launched at UCLA for CancerCell 
  • Exclusive license option to Schuler issued patents. 
  • Multiple new patent claims filed. 
  • 180 new patent claims filed in 2018 alone.
  • Over 300 patent claims filed, licensed or optioned in total. 
  • Clinical data on bioelectric regeneration compiled on over 200 patients working with research collaborators.  
  • Pre-clinical studies conducted for numerous applications of use including heart, vascular, breast, eyes, teeth. 
  • PancreaCell was finalist in American Diabetes Association Innovation Challenge.
  • Raised > $3.0 million capital across all portfolio startups.  > $1.4 million for accelerator(s).  
  • Launched Leonhardt’s Launchpads Pittsburgh and was accepted into LifeX Labs. 
  • Launched Leonhardt’s Launchpads Australia PTY and set up 44% R&D tax rebate program for research funds spent there. 
  • Set up USA R&D Tax Credit opportunity > $150,000 working with ADP. 
  • Have two dedicated R&D labs in Utah and access to additional shared lab space in both Utah and California. 
2019 Key Objectives
  • Complete clinical studies on up to 15 products in portfolio. 
  • Complete pre-clinical studies on up to 15 products in portfolio. 
  • Continue to build patent estate. 
  • Continue to garner opinion leader endorsements. 
  • Continue to garner peer reviewed publications and positive press
  • Find strategic partners/buyers for up to 5 startups in portfolio.  


Agenda Leonhardt’s Launchpads 
Shareholder Meeting Agenda 
Meeting Called to Order > 3pm March 18th, 2019 Sandy, Utah 
  1. Introductions
  2. Instructions on Rules of Conduct and Procedures
  3. Proof of Notice of Meeting Given
  4. Announcement of Existence of Quorum
Official Business Agenda 
Presentation of Proposals and Discussion
  1. Proposal #1 – Election of Directors
    Leonhardt’s Launchpads by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. 
    Howard J. Leonhardt – Executive Chairman & CEO
    Jeff Donofrio – President Second Heart Assist, Inc. 
    Dr. Leslie Miller – Chief Medical Officer 
    Ken Evans – VP Corporate Development 
    Jeremy Koff – VP Strategic Development. 
    Dr. Mark Cunningham – Chief Circulatory Assist Advisor, USC Keck Cardiac Surgeon 
    Alex Richardson – VP of Engineering & Product Development. 
    Brittany Brown – CPA 
    Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah, Inc.
    Howard Leonhardt – Executive Chairman and CEO
    Jeremy Koff – VP Strategic Development 
    Dr. Brett Burton
    Dr. Dinesh Patel
    Dr. Leslie Miller – Chief Medical Officer 
    Brittany Brown – CPA (non voting)
    Leonhardt’s Launchpads Australia PTY
    Howard Leonhardt – Executive Chairman & CEO
    Paul Niederer – Managing Director 
    Dr. Leslie Miller – Chief Medical Officer 
    Leonhardt’s Launchpads Pittsburgh 
    Howard Leonhardt – Executive Chairman & CEO
    Phil Patton – EVP Business Development Pittsburgh, President KidneyCell 
    Dr. Leslie Miller – Chief Medical Officer 
  2. Proposal #2 – Ratification of Accountants, Legal Counsel, Tax Preparation, Audit Rules, Key Consultant
  3. Other Proposals
  1. Opening of Polls
  2. Voting on Proposals
  3. Closing of Polls
Results of Voting
Adjournment Official Business Voting Portion of Meeting 

1.  Management Presentation Regarding Company 
a.  Review of financials. 
b.  Review of data gathered to date.
c.  Review of patents.
d.  Updates from labs in California, Utah, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and Australia. 
e.  Review of facilities and equipment. 
f.  Review of 2019 goals. 
2.  Question and Answers Regarding Company 
Warning Disclaimers:  Forward looking statements may be changed without notice.  Company may not maintain all patent claims mentioned.  It is possible that the company may be found to be infringing patents of others. Company relies on outside suppliers which may affect intended timelines.  Company has substantially less capital, staff and other resources normally required to bring products like these to commercialization. For a number of reasons any quoted timelines may take longer, substantially longer.  Products are early stage development that are not yet proven to be either safe or effective. By the nature of being early stage, under capitalized and under staffed any investment in Cal-X Starts Business Accelerator, Inc. DBA Leonhardt’s Launchpads or any of its startups must be regarded as very high risk of loss.   
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Second Heart Assist, Inc. and Leonhardt Launchpads by Cal-X Stars, Inc. Shareholder’s Meetings 
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