Santa Monica, CA – June 12th, 2015 – Today Leonhardt Ventures announced its progress in developing Cal-X The California Stock Exchange TM intended to be first social good impact stock exchange in the USA.

“Treating people and community well with a strong sense of purpose and a vibrant innovation culture is not just good for good sake, it is simply good business.” Howard J. Leonhardt Chairman and Founder The California Stock Exchange TM

“Companies that treat people well and have a sense of purpose recruit, retain and motivate the best people. People that believe in the work they are doing and are energized everyday. This leads to innovation and happy repeat customers and higher returns to investors.” Leonhardt further states. “People that believe in this principle will now have a dedicated marketplace.”

Cal-X is being developed by a 70 person all star team of experienced industry veterans that Leonhardt has recruited to help guide all developments –

“We are 2 years into our original 5 year plan and we have made great progress.” Leonhardt points out. These Cal-X units have already launched…

Cal-X Stars 5 Year Business Accelerator, Inc. – A 5 year business accelerator with a social good impact focus has enrolled 30 outstanding startups with seed funding and great progress achieved. 15 startups are developing breakthrough cardiovascular innovations primarily stem cell based and 15 are social good impact innovations with a strong crowdfunding component to them. The portfolio has increased $70 million in valuation since 2013 –

Cal-Xelerator – 108 day “create to great” startup launch accelerator for social good impact startups based in Santa Monica.

Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – – crowdfund campaign builder for social good impact cos. Featuring curated specialty portals.

Cal-X Microloans – – microfinancing guidance for social good impact enterprises via partnerships.

Cal-X Funders Club Syndicate – – enables accredited angels to invest side by side with social good impact investing pros. 1st Syndicate led listing is on HealthiosXchange – under Cal-X Stars.

Cal-X Coffee Shops – – designated gathering spots for informal networking with other social good impact investors and startups.

Cal-Xport – – The “Alibaba” site for matching foreign buyers with California exporters. Other helpful aides for California startups seeking to export. Exports creates jobs! Features Trip Matching Service matching people that want to travel to foreign locations with small California firms seeking an export rep to make sales calls for them.

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CrowdImpact – Working with we helped launch CrowdImpact a Social Enterprise Pitch Contest with donation prize money from Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – VIDEO >

The LIONS DEN Online Startup Pitch TV Show – – Startups pitch to not only a panel of judges in studio but to audience viewing on TV. With proper registrations audience viewers can invest in companies pitching on the show LIONS DEN will initially air on The Kindheart Lionheart INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV Network

The next Cal-X innovation launches coming soon…

Cal-X 30 Index Fund – Curated basket of 30 social good impact stocks currently listed on NASDAQ and other exchanges sold as a package to attempt to reduce risk. Set to launch by the end of this year. Our simple goal year 1 = BEAT THE DOW 30. During the initial test period for this index fund we do not intend to invite outside investors in until after we prove out the model, which may require some adjustments from the original test group.

Cal-X BDC Fund – Business Development Corp. fund to fund private and public social good impact high growth companies. Following this model –

Cal-X OTC – A social good impact curated selection of OTC Markets stocks assembled into an index fund.

Cal-X Venture Exchange – A listing board for research tested post crowdfunded social good impact stocks. An eBay or Craigslist of sorts for Reg A stocks that wish to be sold private buyer to private buyer.

Cal-X The California Stock Exchange TM – Plans to be a full fledged stock exchange competing with NASDAQ and NYSE that only lists highly selected social good impact stocks. We will launch this after proving out the profitability of the Cal-X 30 Index Fund. Proper registration as a full fledged stock exchange or an alternative trading system will require significant investment of resources over time.


Crowdfund Insider recently published an excellent story on The California Stock Exchange TM –

INC. Magazine broke the Cal-X story first in 2012 with a bold attention grabbing headline article STARTUP TO CREATE 23 MILLION JOBS –

The California Stock Exchange TM – Introduction videos:

(1) In Person –

(2) Animation –

“Social good impact stock exchanges have already launched in Europe, Asia and Canada. It is about time one launches in the USA. We have been studying carefully the best practices of these great innovators to help improve the design of Cal-X The California Stock Exchange TM” Leonhardt further states.

Here are links to more information on the social stock exchanges in Europe, Asia and Canada.

Asia – Impact Investment Exchange TM –

Europe – Social Stock Exchange TM –

Canada – The SVX formerly the Social Venture Exchange TM –

Here is a link to a great article in The Stanford Social Innovation Review…

The Rise of Social Stock Exchanges January 8th, 2015

Additional information on all Leonhardt Ventures and Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. developments may be found in their latest 1Q 2015 Newsletter –

A video of Cal-X founder Howard Leonhardt explaining the spirit of The California Stock Exchange TM at the 2014 Heart Centered Tech Leadership Conference may be found via this YouTube link –



> Leonhardt speaking at DEBATE ON CROWDFUNDING, BERKELEY, CA –

About Leonhardt Ventures Founded in 1982 Howard J. Leonhardt and operating now since 2005 as Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures. Leonhardt Ventures from 1982 to 2008 specialized only in developing innovations for treating heart and cardiovascular disease. In the 1980’s they patented and led the development of the world’s leading polyurethane balloon cardiovascular catheters as well as the first intravascular lung catheter and radiation delivery systems. In the 1990’s they developed the first commercially successful stent grafts for repairing aortic aneurysms without surgery as well as the first percutaneous heart valve, biological pacemaker and stem cell delivery catheters. In the 2000’s they led the team that completed the first-in-man non-surgical stem cell repair of a damaged heart. Since 2010 the team has pioneered the development of microcurrent technologies for directing stem cell regeneration of organs and tissues as well as the first implantable stem cell pump. Leonhardt holds over 21 patents with dozens more in process or pending and has licensed over 40 more. Over 250,000 patients have been treated to date with Leonhardt inventions generating more than $3 billion in revenues. In 2008 Leonhardt Ventures opened a new sector of innovation development under the banner social good impact and has launched since then 15 social good impact innovation startups most with a strong crowdfunding component to them. This includes The Kindheart Lionheart INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV Network Leonhardt Ventures is moving slowly and cautiously in building Cal-X The California Stock ExchangeTM and all its units to ensure compliance with all regulations and to make sure the products are tested before opening them up to outsiders. Cal-X is primarily an information source at this time for those interested in social good impact investing and for social good impact startups seeking to grow.