Irvine, California, July 23rd, 2020 – Leonhardt’s Launchpads by Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. is an innovation accelerator focused on organ regeneration and recovery based on a common IP platform of bioelectrics and biologics –


Dear Fellow Stakeholders,

Today I would like to provide a mid-year 2020 update on the key milestones and corporate developments as well as goals for the balance of the year to come. This is forming up to be a breakthrough pivotal year. The updates below are by product groups not by priority



Heart & Cardiovascular Group

1. Second Heart Assist – is preparing for August 2020 completion of a cardio renal syndrome heart failure clinical study on the heels of our previous successful short duration pilot clinical study and years of pre-clinical studies. Second Heart Assist has multiple issued and pending patent claims for its unique true aortic stent based technology platform including pioneering claims for wireless power.

2. BioLeonhardt – had a pioneering patent issued June 30th, 2020 for a combination stimulator, pump and composition and is preparing for a large animal study after completing a previous small animal feasibility study for heart regeneration.

3. Valvublator – has engaged Rev1 Engineering in Murrieta, CA as product development partners and is planning to launch large animal studies soon for percutaneous heart valve decalcification and regeneration. A number of lab tests have already been completed.

4. Vascustim – after completing previous bioelectric alone and biologics alone pilot clinical studies the Vascutim team is preparing to launch the first combination bioelectric and biologics treatment clinical study for critical limb ischemia and leg and foot ulcer treatment.

5. PressureStim – is preparing to enroll in clinical study in Brazil for bioelectric blood pressure treatment and is contact with numerous centers worldwide that have already completed successful independent filings following our original patented concept.

AortaCell and VibroCell are still in pre-clinical lab studies and are building their patent protection filings. BioPace has filed a number of research grant applications for its biological pacing product and has filed a number of patent claims.




1. CerebraCell – is preparing to enroll patients in a stroke recovery study in Brazil working with a team that previously completed successful electrical stimulation stroke recovery studies.

Second Brain, MemoryStim and TremorStim are at early stage of development and are seeking out research collaborators while multiple new patent claims are being filed.



Cosmetic, Personal Care & Reproductive Health

1. MyoStim ED with its ErectiStim TM product has completed more than 105 patients in 5 clinical studies with great success for erectile dysfunction recovery.

2. HairCell has completed a successful pilot clinical study for hair regeneration. The HairCell team has mutlple patent claims issued and pending including for COL17A1.

3. SkinStim has completed a successful pilot clinical study for skin regeneration and has filed dozens of skin specific patent claims including for bioelectric controlled release of COL17A1, klotho and tropoelastin.

4. OrthodontiCell has completed a successful pilot clinical study for accelerated teeth straightening and just had issued a pioneering patent for bioelectric controlled RANKL, SDF1 and OPG expression.

5. Stem Cell Bra complete a successful 15 large animal study and a pilot safety study and is now preparing to enroll in an efficacy study.

The team seeks to secure a strategic partner now to take these above products through to full commercialization while it continues to enroll more patients in studies.

6. DentaCell Accelerator has multiple products under development including ImplantStim which completed a successful first pilot study for accelerated dental implant healing. DentaCell has dozens of patent claims issued and pending including bioelectric PRF.

7. TestiStim has a U.S. issued patent and a successful pilot clinical case and now is preparing to enroll more patients in studies for bioelectric testosterone management and infertility treatment.



Major Organ Regeneration

1. BladderCell has completed a successful pilot clinical study for bladder recovery and regeneration and is preparing to enroll more patients in new studies. BladderCell has multiple issued and pending patents and is in the process of filing more patent claims.

2. KidneyCell is enrolling patients in 2nd clinical study in Brazil for bioelectric kidney recovery. The team filed last year a pioneering patent for bioelectric controlled release of klotho known in previous studies to aide in kidney recovery.

3. EyeCell is collaborating with investigators that previously enrolled over 176 patients in microcurrent therapy vision improvement studies. The EyeCell team is working with these investigators to now launch two new studies with our stimulators, eye googles and bioelectric programming.

4. EarCell is preparing to begin enrollment in a hearing recovery clinical study in Brazil.

5. OrthoStim is preparing to begin enrollment in a knee joint recovery clinical study in Mexico. The team just filed a new patent application for bioelectric stimulation control of OPG release for treating osteoporosis.

6. InStim is preparing to begin soon bioelectric inflammation control studies for IBD.

7. RegenaLung is exploring COVID related research grants to advance its lung regeneration and inflammation control product platform.

8. BioLeonhardt Whole Body with BodStim is evaluating available bioelectric stimulation body suits developed by others at this time for potential collaboration.

PancreaCell and LiverCell are reaching out to develop collaborations for research with experienced investigators.




1. CancerCell is preparing to enroll in a 2nd animal study in Brazil following a previous feasibly small animal study at UCLA. CancerCell has 9 issued U.S. patents for bioelectric cancer treatment and many dozens of new claims pending. The team just filed a patent application for bioelectric OPG expression control for treating bone related cancers. Previous patent filings cover reading a tumor and customized delivery of bioelectric signals to jam communication, illicit an immune response, starve a tumor of blood supply, reduce inflammation and eventually promote healing of the organ.



General Information:

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Financial Update

We have raised about $7.7 million in capital to date for our portfolio of startups and innovations with the lions share being for our Heart & Cardiovascular Portfolio especially Second Heart Assist, Inc. Approximately $2.5 million has been raised for our current bioelectric innovations platform portfolio of technologies and organ specific applications. As of this news release we have $530,000 in cash reserves in the bank across all accounts with approximately another $1,000,000 in subscriptions pending. We expect that our current resources, together with the funds from expected new investments, assuming all pending milestones are achieved, will support our operations for the balance of this year. We believe this will enable us to complete the minimal data gathering likely necessary for at least 5 products in our development pipeline to be ready ripe to pursue realistically the goal opportunity to complete multiple strategic alliance partnership deals.



Estimated Startups Ripe for Strategic Acquisition Outreach Schedule

Leonhardt’s Launchpads 2020 Portfolio Class Current as of April 1, 2020 CEO Ranking
(very highly subject to change)

See our Innovation Startups Here

Note – Ripe for beginning strategic partnership/acquisition outreach efforts is defined as having completed at least a pilot first in human feasibility study in at least 5 patients, preferably more, demonstrating reasonable trends towards efficacy and safety. The startup or Licensable Technology Platform should have also filed a number of patent claims, or licensed or optioned them, as well by this stage preferably with some U.S. issued patent claims.


1. Second Heart Assist, Inc. – finished 1 pilot clinical study about to start a 2nd soon.
2. OrthodontiCell – finished 1 clinical study and about to start a 2nd and 3rd soon.
3. MyoStim ED – finished 5 clinical studies so far 105 patients and counting.
4. HairCell – finished 1 pilot clinical study and about to enroll more patients.
5. EyeCell – published on 176 microcurrent treatment patients about to start a new study.




1. CancerCell – completed feasibility small animal study at UCLA preparing for large animal study that will lead to pilot clinical study.
2. PressureStim – launching clinical study in Brazil. In contact with independent teams that have completed already over 150 patients.
3. BladderCell – enrolling in a new study in Brazil collaborating with teams that completed previous similar studies.
4. Stem Cell Bra – completed 15 large animals and a pilot safety only low dose clinical study. Preparing for full dose clinical efficacy study.
5. SkinStim – completed pilot clinical study. Preparing to enroll more patients.
6. TestiStim – completed a single pilot case. Preparing to enroll more patients.
7. ImplantStim – completed a single pilot case. Preparing to enroll more patients.




1. BioLeonhardt – preparing for large animal study.
2. LiverCell – preparing for large animal study.
3. KidneyCell – enrolling in 2nd clinical study.
4. Valvublator – preparing for large animal study. Collaborating with team in Italy that completed 1 surgical case similar method.
5. CerebraCell – preparing to enroll in non-invasive stroke recovery study working with team that has already completed similar previous study.




1. PancreaCell – preparing for large animal study.
2. DentaCell – multiple innovations in development.
3. OrthoStim – preparing to enroll in pilot clinical study.
4. Instim – completed a single pilot case. Preparing to enroll more patients.
5. AortaCell – preparing for large animal study.
6. TremorStim – preparing for pilot clinical study. May acquire rights from group that has already competed a clinical study.




1. EarCell – preparing for pilot clinical study for non-invasive product and animal study for bioelectric + biologics invasive therapy.
2. Vascustim – preparing to enroll in 3rd clinical study this one first to combine bioelectric and biologics.
3. Biopace bio-pace/ – preparing for small animal study.
4. VibroCell – preparing for large animal study.
5. BioLeonhardt Whole Body and BodStim – focused on filing patents and grant application.
6. RegenaLung – preparing for large animal study.
7. MilkStim (not fully in accelerator yet) – pilot animal studies completed. Preparing to enroll more animals.




1. MemoryStim (New) – preparing for pilot clinical study.
2. Second Brain (New) = preparing for pilot clinical study.

When one of our top 30 startups exits the portfolio it will be replaced by one the startups from the “On Deck” circle or an outside applicant. The accelerator accepts approximately 1 startup/LTP for every 1000 ideas evaluated. Normally outside of the accelerator founded startups or IP platforms are only brought into our accelerator if they merge into one of our existing organ specific startups.

In the “On Deck” circle working through the CalXelerartor 108 day create to great program to be considered to be added to long duration parent accelerator portfolio once an opening is available includes: AddictiStim, MigraineStim, ObesityStim, DiabetesStim, NerveStim, CraveStop for obesity, PainStim, DepressiStim, BoneStim, SnoreStim, VirusStop, LymphStim, PolypStim, AirwayStim, Airway Arch Expander, GingavaStim, InfectiStim, DetoxStim.




Howard J. Leonhardt

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer




About Leonhardt’s Launchpads:

Leonhardt’s Launchpads is the innovation accelerator arm of Leonhardt Ventures LLC focused on organ regeneration and recovery based on a common IP platform of bioelectrics and biologics. The accelerator has over 600 patent claims issued, pending, optioned or licensed for organ regeneration and recovery. These include pioneering patents for stem cell homing via SDF1 and PDGF and key regeneration promoting protein expressions such as klotho, follistatin, IGF1, COL17A1, HGF, EGF, VEGF and others. The company recently had a pioneering U.S. patent issued for a combination bioelectric stimulator, re-filllable infusion pump and multi-component biologics composition for organ regeneration.




Safe Harbor and Risk Warnings Statement

This press release contains express or implied forward-looking statements within the Private/ Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and other U.S. Federal securities laws. For example, Leonhardt’s Launchpads is using forward-looking statements when it discusses its hope and belief that its products will play an instrumental role in overcoming the impact of failing, degenerating, diseased or aged organs. The expected timing of the of enrollment and completion of various clinical studies mentioned are all forward looking and subject to change without notice. Patents mentioned may not be maintained or may be invalidated. Patents pending may not be issued. Company lacks sufficient resources to bring its products through first in human studies and may not be able to obtain those resources. Products are not yet proven safe or effective and are all early stage in development. Due to the early state of these developments any investment has to be deemed at the highest risk category for total loss. Due to a small staff maintaining information on over 40 related web sites information is prone to be out of date at times. If you have any questions please email us to get a reply.

Brian Hardy
Director of Marketing




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